Video: NHL lockout? Try the fan lockout, rap style

Early in the lockout, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman made a comment that he wasn't terribly worried about the fans staying away from the league after the lockout, that hockey has the best fans in the world. It seemed Bettman was taking the fans for granted considering they have come back before.

This time just feels different, though. Fans don't understand the lockout as much this time as they did before (the 2004-05 lockout was seen as necessary by a lot of people; the system wasn't working). There's no guarantee they will all come back at all.

In fact, some are planning a fan lockout in the form of a rap.

We've seen plenty of anti-lockout fan videos during this fiasco, but this is one of the best that I've seen. Not only is it an original song instead of a parody, it's actually done well, both the rap and the video itself.

Well done, Rishi.

H/t to Down Goes Brown

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