VIDEO: No, 'Jeopardy!' contestant, Magic Johnson didn't play in NHL

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Unquestionably people who go on Jeopardy! are smart, very smart. But sometimes they aren't necessarily sports smart (my dream board has a sports category in single, double and final Jeopardy).

Take this recent contestant named Joe. Given the answer of "100+ assists in an NHL season has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 by this player" Joe was first to buzz in. His answer (question)? Magic Johnson.

Alex Trebek, being the good Canadian he is, gave a very succinct "No" and it took a second for it to hit Joe. Then it clicked as you could hear him groan before champ Diana weighed in correctly with "Who is Wayne Gretzky?"

We don't want to beat up on Joe too badly because you have to think fast (and admittedly I'd probably look like as big of a fool on questions about botany) and sometimes you see one word in a clue that tips you off -- in this case it was very likely assists -- but yeah, that's pretty bad.

Never mind the fact that Magic Johnson was not magical enough to play both in the NBA and the NHL but that 100 assists was basically one month's worth of dimes for Earvin, not one season's worth.

Remember, future Jeopardy! contestants, a well-rounded base of knowledge includes rudimentary sports on the show. And it's also a pretty good rule of thumb that if there's a question about hockey the answer is very likely to be Wayne Gretzky or the Stanley Cup.

Joe won't forget any of this soon; we'll bet a true Daily Double on that.

S/t Kukla's Korner

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