VIDEO: Norwegian league defenseman literally rides opponent

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We've heard of a player riding another into the boards in hockey, but usually it's just a figure of speech. In one Norwegian League hockey game between Storhamar and Sparta Sarpsborg, that turn of phrase became a little more literal.

Not since D2: The Mighty Ducks have we seen anything quite like what happened Thursday night in Norway. It went from hockey game to rodeo in about two seconds flat.

With the score tied in the first period, Sparta defenseman Erlend Lesund got tangled up with Nathan Martz behind the Sparta net. As Martz tried to get up, he still had Lesund over him with legs on either side of him. Then, as if he were a bucking bronco, Martz kept crawling away trying to get Lesund off his back. Meanwhile, Lesund raised his arms in the air and stopped moving his feet, but remained over Skadsdammen. This went on for several seconds before the play finally left the zone and a very perturbed Martz got away. Only he didn't get away in enough time to avoid being off-side.

Be sure to see the video through to the replay as the incontrollable laughter from the commentators is going to make you smile. Here’s a closer look at the action:


Though Skadsdammen was none too pleased with what transpired, it could have been a lot worse.

Note to self: Watch more Norwegian League games.

(H/T @HockeyWebCast)

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