VIDEO: Ouch! Brent Seabrook takes a slap shot to the midsection

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Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook was doing his brave duty on the penalty kill, standing in front of shots so they don't get on goal. The next second he was down on the ice hunched over.

I can't think of any man who wouldn't have done the same in Seabrook's situation. It sure looks like that puck went where the sun don't shine.

Even if you are wearing a cup -- and we can only assume Seabrook was wearing one -- that still hurts. A lot. Whether it hit him square in the groin or right above it, that one is going to sting. Every man who been there knows why he was hunched over and stayed down.

Seabrook did return for the start of the second period.

Who knew Hans Moleman started playing hockey?

And because the Blackhawks were involved (and this is hysterical), here's Dale Tallon calling another groin shot in hockey history. "From the second angle it doesn't look like it hit the knee ... Not his knee, maybe his wee-knee."

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