Video: Quebec City unveils plans for new arena set to open in 2015

Quebec City wants the NHL back, that's no secret. Since it lost their beloved Nordiques who became the Colorado Avalanche in 1995, the city has tried to get a second team back in the hockey-mad province.

It's starting to become closer to a reality with each passing day. Quebec City has begun working on a new arena that will be ready come fall of 2015. This week the designers revealed the plans for the arena. See the video above for the animations and the dreamy music (it might literally make you fall asleep).

It's kind of like meeting somebody for the first time after talking to them on the phone. It's nice to put a face with the voice. Now we know what we're looking at when talk about a Quebec City arena rising again.

The arena's designed is inspired by the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, and it will come with all the amenities that you'd expect from a state-of-the-art arena. From the Hockey Writers:

The building will be divided in three separate areas: the arena, the entrance hall and the administration, and the sports restaurant. According to Labeaume “this will be the most beautiful arena in North America.” The arena plans also include 6 VIP seats next to players’ bench (if players are there, obviously), which would be a unique concept in the world.

It's more than just an arena designed with hockey in mind, as the concert images in the above video show, but it's pretty obvious what the apple in the eye of Quebec City is: the NHL. The big question that remains is how Quebec City will get a team to play in the arena.

The Nordiques' home, the Colisee, is way outdated at this point for the NHL so getting a new arena was a necessity. As great as the old barns in the NHL were, they just don't cut it for today's game (and consumer).

Everybody seems to think (this writer included) that it's an inevitability Quebec City will get a team to play in the new arena, whether it be by relocation or expansion. If no team uproots and settles down in Quebec then the NHL will likely look to expand. There's no doubt that Quebec City would support an NHL team with great fervor and would be good for the league's bottom line.

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