VIDEO: Rangers celebrate Game 7 win, add piece to Cup on wall

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What does it look like when you win a Game 7 at home against an old rival to move on to the next round of the playoffs? The New York Rangers gave us a taste in the wake of their win over the Flyers on Wednesday night.

Derek Dorsett was wearing his mic throught he handshake line and had some kind words for Steve Mason among others but the party starts when the Rangers get back to the dressing room.

It's customary for teams to have their victory songs, it might change from time to time but you're guaranteed it will be blaring when the players get off the ice. The Rangers were no different. OK, they were a bit different because instead of playing Lil Jon, Avicii or whatever else is hot at the moment, the Rangers went way back with a little Maxine Gayle and Right Back Where we Started From. I'm old-fashioned in my music taste so I won't make fun of them for that but it is a kind of interesting message seeing how the Rangers presumably want to go further than where they came from last season but I digress (*and is a great Slap Shot reference as kindly pointed out).

It's just that hearing it feels like Don Maloney, Ron Greschner, Anders Hedberg and Phil Esposito should have been walking into the room in their gear ... or in a pair of Sasson jeans.

But forget the music. After the Rangers passed out the Broadway Hat, their player of the game token for a few years running now, to Benoit Pouliot, he had the next task; putting the next piece on the Stanley Cup.

Yes, the Rangers seem to have gone with Cleveland Indians, Major League approach but instead of taking pieces off Rachael Phelps, they're putting them on the Stanley Cup. You can just hear Alain Vigneault telling his team "Every time we win, we add a section."

The Rangers still have 12 more pieces to go to fill up the Cup, hence the relatively tame celebration.

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