VIDEO: San Jose Sharks' Holiday Party is funnier than yours

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There are cute and sometimes funny Happy Holidays videos in hockey and there are what the San Jose Sharks do. No matter what teams try, they are always a notch or 10 below the Sharks, the NHL's kings of Christmas cards.

In the past we've seen such adventures as the Sharks Holiday Shopping Network that are classics. Not only are they original (look at that, it's not just a team fake singing to a Mariah Carey song) but they are hilarious. This year's rendition from San Jose, all 6:15 of it lives up to the billing.

The Holiday Shopping Network is gone, insert the Sharks Holiday Party as described by the announcing crews led by TV play-by-play voice Randy Hahn. This is probably a little different than your average Holiday office party.

We all knew Dan Boyle was good at hockey, who knew he was so good with comedy too? Maybe somebody should let Marc-Edouard Vlasic know that.

The cameos all around are excellent. Annti Niemi and his roving Mistletoe? Tomas Hertl having to sit at the kid's table and Sharkie as the party foul ref between Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture? All funny stuff.

I'm just not sure anything beats Patrick Marleau and Brent Burns finding their inner kids and tearing through Christmas presents under the tree. I can't help but see Burns as Randy from A Christmas Story ("That's mine! Hey, that's mine!), just with a lot more hair and fewer teeth.

Obviously the gigantic missing element to the whole party is Joe Thornton and his old pal Slappy. Maybe Jumbo was sick and couldn't attend the party, who knows. All we do know is he's missed in this video. The Sharks did an awesome job without him but Joe and Slappy couldhave taken it over the top.

Only 365 more days until the next installment of the Sharks Happy Holiday video series comes out. Can't wait.

Bonus: There are extra video scenes from all of these guys.

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