VIDEO: Sidney Crosby visits fans at practice, received like rock star

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Sidney Crosby is by most estimations the best hockey player in the world today. He's a superstar in his native Canada and is a really big deal in Pittsburgh as the captain of the Penguins.

How big of a deal, you ask? It's almost as if he were part of the Beatles. Or in modern tween terms, One Direction. At least that's what it sounded like when Crosby strolled through the crowd at an open practice on Tuesday.

If you're a parent of a teenage girl who has attended a concert -- or even just watched an old Ed Sullivan Show episode -- you probably are familiar with this sound. If not be prepared, it might hurt your ears.

Sidney Crosby; superstar or rock star?

"It was fun. They were loud," Crosby said (via "It was cool to hear them all day, they were loud this morning and they were happy to be here. It was fun to have them out here, especially the day after a game like that. A little tired, but they brought a lot of energy in the building this morning. So it was fun to go up and down the stands, meet a few kids, get a few high-fives."

Good on Crosby for taking the time to stroll through the crowd and very clearly delight every kid in attendance. It must be nice to have that level of adoration but at the same time a little more than overwhelming.

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