VIDEO: Singer makes it through Russian anthem, botches 'O Canada'

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It has been a tough week for anthem singers, who admittedly have a difficult job. Especially in hockey, they can't just know one anthem and get by. Usually that means knowing the US and Canadian anthems backward and forward. However, in Canada this week, one anthem singer had to go a little outside of the ordinary.

For the annual Canada-Russia Super Series, featuring junior-age players from Canada and Russia, the final game's anthems were sung by a gentleman named Dirk Edwards. In addition to his native Canada's anthem he had to also perform Russia’s. In Russian.

Hats off to that gentleman for even having the courage to attempt it. 

Edwards actually made it through the Russian anthem, in an unstable, but uninterrupted manner. If he screwed up any of the words, no one would be the wiser anyway. Small victory there.

However, when he got through that difficult arrangement, Edwards broke into the tune you would expect to be in his comfort zone with the Canadian anthem.


He flubbed the second line in a bad way and even appeared to nearly utter an expletive. Edwards then made a few more mistakes to chuckles from some of the Canadian players before getting rescued by the crowd singing along.

This was the second bad anthem flub this week, as the anthem singer at the New York Islanders game Wednesday replaced some of the words to O Canada with lyrics from America the Beautiful. She has since apologized, thus preventing an international incident.

Mistakes happen. When they happen during the one time in a hockey game where most people are quiet (Chicago excluded), they’re only magnified. It really is a tough gig.

(h/t Buzzing the Net)

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