VIDEO: Sportsmanship on full display in bantam hockey game

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Just when you start to think good sportsmanship is dying, a story comes along that can restore your faith.

At a tournament in Fargo, N.D., two bantam teams from Minnesota were set to go head to head in pool play. Just before the game began, Fergus Falls coach Devin Johnson went to check on his goalie only to realize his goalie was not in any condition to play as he was ill. So they had to turn to the emergency goaltender, in this case that was defenseman Bryce McGary.

McGary had experience of about one day playing in net but he was the best option the team had so he accepted the challenge. When he ran into a little trouble finding all the necessary gear, the team turned to their opponents, White Bear Lake, for help and it was met receptively. Coach's son Jacob LeClair was serving as the backup goalie for the game so he surrendered his helmet and an extra stick to McGary for the game.

That's a great start already but the sportsmanship hit a high when after the first period in which White Bear Lake took a 5-0 lead, LeClair went to the opposing side and did his best to give McGary a crash course in goaltending> That scene was caught on video.

The entire story as told by Brian Halverson of Minnesota Hockey Magazine (you should read the whole thing) is heart-warming. McGary had his struggles in the 8-0 loss but he did make 38 saves in the game and only surrendered three goals in the two periods following the first teaching lesson from LeClair (he lended more help in the second intermission).

Sometimes sportsmanship is just the best.

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