VIDEO: Teemu Selanne takes final lap with Jean-Sebastien Giguere

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Sunday night was the final regular-season game of the great career of one of hockey's most-beloved players to ever play the game, Teemu Selanne. The Anaheim Ducks forward has debated for years when he would call it quits and all indications before this season said this would be the last.

So in the regular-season finale in Anaheim, Selanne got the send-off of all send-offs. The Ducks might have been playing the Central Division-winning Avalanche but Sunday night was all about Teemu.

Well not all about Teemu. Because in the Avalanche net was Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who was playing in what was most likely the final regular-season game of his career. A star for the Ducks for so many years, it was a great place for Jiggy to play his last game.

And it led to one incredible scene. After Selanne was named all three stars of the game (of course), he took a victory lap for the fans. Meanwhile, all of the Ducks and Avalanche stayed on the ice to watch. After Selanne shook the hands of the officials, all the Avs came up to shake his hand. All except Jiggy.

What did Teemu do then? He went and grabbed Giguere and the two did one final lap. Together.

The image of two old friends who led the Ducks to their only Stanley Cup in franchise history wearing different jersyes but skating hand in hand and with smiles from ear to ear was simply unforgettable.

Not only that, but all throughout the game whenever Selanne would step onto the ice for a shift, the Ducks faithful gave him a standing ovation.

There is just so much awesome here in what is, at least from this perspective, undoubtedly the moment of the 2013-14 season. If you don't get goosebumps watching that then you're just not a hockey fan.

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