VIDEO: T.J. Oshie needs four putts from seven feet in Tahoe tourney

There are few better finishers in hockey than T.J. Oshie. He proved in Sochi for a worldwide audience what NHL and Blues fans already knew; he's one of the absolute best in the shootout. Give him a stick and a puck with one shot and he's going to put it in almost every time.

The same can't be said about the short stick and a golf ball.

Playing in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe this weekend, Oshie was staring down a birdie putt from just seven feet away. Four putts later and he was carding a double bogey. We'd laugh at Oshie's misfortune if we hadn't been there before ... many times.

No surprise that Oshie is tied for 65th after one day at minus 6 (no, it's not a regular golf scoring system, you want points in this one). Certainly he couldn't have impressed his playing partners of Joe Sakic and Jeremy Roenick (J.R. is in second place).

Oshie can look at this with some sense of pride, though. If his golf game is out of order it's because he doesn't have enough time to play with his focus on hockey. OK, we're trying here, sorry T.J.

But hey, at least he's not the lowest-ranked hockey representative as Hilary Knight is at the bottom of the leaderboard, below even Charles Barkley.

S/t Puck Daddy, video via @cjzero

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