VIDEO: Tuukka Rask thinks the ice in Boston is ... bad

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First it was Andrew Shaw after Game 1, then it was Tuukka Rask after Game 3 on Monday night. Hockey players enjoy cursing on live television.

You couldn't really tell while he was shutting out the Blackhawks in Game 3, but the Bruins goalie wasn't very fond of the ice in Boston. He told Pierre McGuire as much, but in much more colorful language. It probably goes without saying at this point, but NSFW: Language.

McGuire gets a lot of criticism but watch how he doesn't even flinch. He had the same stoic reaction to Shaw after Game 1. I guess when you're around hockey players long enough, you get used to it.

Good thing the game was on cable, huh?

S/t to @cjzero for the video

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