VIDEO: UK league player given 47-game suspension for fight off ice

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The Maple Leafs-Sabres preseason brawl and David Clarkson's actions to earn a 10-game suspension have nothing on Derek Campbell in the UK's Elite League. The forward has been suspended a whopping 47 games for an incident that took place both on but mostly off the ice.

Campbell, playing for the Hull Sting Rays, was hit from behind along the boards, enough to upset any hockey player. As is only natural, a scrum resulted on the ice and things got a little heated. Campbell was then escorted off the ice to presumably go to the dressing room. Although he didn't make it there before getting himself into more trouble.

That's when Campbell went after the man that hit him on the ice, Nico Sacchetti of the Dundee Stars, in the stands. And he didn't just go after him, Campbell really went after him. Just take a look at the suspension breakdown for Campbell and how the Elite League got to the exact number of 47 games.

Fighting off the ice = 15 matches
Attempted eye gouge = 12 matches
Knee to the head = 10 matches
Excessive force to the head resulting in an impact to the ice = 10 matches

Fighting off the ice and excessive force, simple enough. But knee to the head?! Attempted eye gouge?!? My gosh. I'm wondering how they decided that attempting to gouge a guy's eye out was worth just 12 games and I also wonder how many games he would have received had he successfully gauged Sacchetti's eye; 50 games?

Campbell is going to sit out a few more games thatn 47 as Hull decided to cut him. Typically doing your best Ron Artest impression (though thankfully it wasn't on fans, it doesn't appear) isn't a good idea.

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