VIDEO: Watch as Chris Mueller's skate cuts right through goal net

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We have seen a few instances this season of how dangerous and sharp hockey skates are. Erik Karlsson was one example, but so was Zach Redmond in Winnipeg (link) and Eric Wellwood in the AHL (link). Those blades are like knives.

There was another demonstration of how sharp those blades are on Sunday night and thankfully, it didn't involve anybody getting hurt to demonstrate it.

Nashville Predators forward Chris Mueller was driving hard to the net on Jimmy Howard on Sunday when he lost an edge and ended up sliding feet first right toward the cage. Next thing you knew Mueller was stuck, his skate sticking inside the net, the rest of his body to the side of the net. His skate cut right through.

I don't know if you've ever felt an NHL net, but those things are thick. If 100 MPH slap shots don't snap them or break through, you know they are strong. Yet Mueller's blade went through the net like butter.

No wonder we've seen so many skate injuries lately. Thankfully goalies wear those huge pads or else Jimmy Howard could have been in a world of hurt.

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