VIDEO: Wild get away with six skaters on ice for 15 seconds

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One of the easier calls in hockey for the officials to make is too many men on the ice. There is no ambiguity to it just the same as puck over the glass calls; it's either an infraction or it's not, no interpretation necessary.

Sometimes even those are tough to see, though. Just ask the officiating crew from Friday night's Blackhawks and Wild game in Minnesota.

In the third period with the Wild up 4-2, Minnesota apparently decided the best way to hang on to their lead would be just to throw another skater on the ice in the defensive zone. For about 15 seconds.

As soon as the error was realized, Mikael Granlund was on a dead sprint for the bench and hopped back over the boards before the officials saw it. You'd think his dead sprint and return to the bench would have been a dead giveaway, especially when nobody replaced him on the ice but still, no penalty was called.

The officials might not have noticed but a lot of people watching did, like Jeremy Roenick.

The Wild were the better team in the game by a rather large margin so in the end it probably doesn't matter much but the Blackhawks still would have liked a power play at that moment down two. Alas, they're headed back to Chicago with an even series.

Video via @cjzero

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