VIDEO: Wild mascot Nordy does his best Green Men impersonation

Somehow, the Vancouver bench looks oblivious. (Screen grab)
Somehow, the Vancouver bench looks oblivious. (Screen grab)

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If you have ever watched a Vancouver Canucks game, you've likely noticed Sully and Force, the Green Men who sit beside the opposing penalty box and act the fool when somebody has to spend a few minutes in the sin bin.

Their antics have been well chronicled, even making ESPN of all places, and at times mocked.

Somebody who has definitely taken notice of the Green Men is the mascot for the Minnesota Wild, Nordy. He did his best impression of the Green Men on Tuesday night when the Canucks visited the Wild, tight suit head to toe and all.

What really sells it is the standing on the dashers and dancing. I can't imagine it's easy to keep your balance on that tiny ledge with that big of feet but Norday pulls it off and pulls it off well. It's a dance that Sully and Force would be proud of. At least they thought enough of it to retweet it.

Well played, Nordy, well played. Next time he'll have to bring out some props and really do the impersonation justice.

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