Video: Woman comes on ice to yell at referee during fight

Hockey players? They're tough. Hockey moms? Well, they might be tougher. And no, this is not a Sarah Palin reference.

Watching a game at a local rink in Massachusetts, a scrum broke out on the ice. Nothing too unusual, some shoving mostly. It's just standard operating procedure after a whistle in the NHL but in the amateur levels of hockey, it's typically a no-go.

So one woman, chanelling her inner Twisted Sister, decided she wasn't going to take it anymore. She literally walks out onto the ice to handle things and mostly yell at the referee, who yells back at her to get off the ice. He saved some player from having their ear pulled.

(NSFW Warning: References to male cows and their dung can be heard)

I'd hate to be that woman's son. Not that it's any kind of disparaging remark about her -- I don't know her -- just that I'd be pretty embarrassed. I can't imagine the amount of "Is your mommy going to come save you?" taunts that player will hear from now on.

H/t to The Big Lead

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