VIDEO: Zdeno Chara destroys, frightens goalies in new stick ads

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Zdeno Chara doesn't need any help being intimidating, he is already as imposing as NHL players come and his slap shot is already terrifying. It's the hardest in the NHL and comes flying to a rocket. Sometimes you'll hear them called bombs.

A new ad for Warrior's Dynasty stick is taking that rather literally. With Jimmy Howard munching on popcorn on the couch, he and a few goalie mates sit down to watch a move trailer and seem super excited to do it. That's until they see the new "movie" featuring Chara and his Dynasty stick.

The poor goalie trying to stop said shot instead gets blown to smitherines for his efforts. The terrifying part comes after that, though, with Chara's insane look with flames all around him (not the Calgary Flames, that would be a lot less intimidating).

And yet that's not even the version that Warrior wanted to run. The equipment company says another ad was rejected by the NHL. That involved the goalie's head being chopped right off, a little karmic justice for those of you that remember Sub Zero in The Running Man (and if you don't, I just have to say you're missing out).

Here's that one.

Yea, what Howard said.

S/t Next Impulse Sports

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