Viktor Arvidsson isn't going anywhere, and the Nashville Predators should be proud of how they ensured that's true.

The restricted free agent inked a seven-year contract extension with the Preds on Saturday, landing $29.5 million -- an average of $4.25 million per season -- after an arbitration hearing. And while the 24-year-old forward may be hard pressed to consistently replicate his 2016-17 numbers (31 goals, 61 points) over the duration of his deal, Nashville has every reason to walk away from its pact with Arvidsson in good spirits.

Seven years is a big commitment by the Preds, especially considering Arvidsson had just 16 points in 62 NHL games before his breakout 2016-17 campaign. But even if their former fourth-round draft pick comes close to putting up the numbers he did during Nashville's Stanley Cup run, he'll be an undeniable steal at $4.25 million per year -- a bargain of a long-term price for a winger whose early-career potential at least includes 60-point ability.

The Washington Capitals' Evgeny Kuznetsov is a bigger name with a more prominent reputation and has over 100 more games under his belt than Arvidsson, but consider that he, after a 59-point 2016-17 season on a Presidents' Trophy-winning Caps team, signed a new deal averaging $7.8 million per year this offseason. The Preds could witness a statistical decline for Arvidsson in the coming seasons and still be pleased with what they're paying their RFA forward, or they could witness further growth and have themselves an even more prized commodity at a fraction of the cost of, say, a Kuznetsov.