Washington magazine names Alex Ovechkin worst local athlete

That's ... interesting. (via D.C. Sports bog)

How "bad" was Alex Ovechkin's season with the Washington Capitals this past year? It was so "bad" that he is apparently now the worst athlete in the nation's capital -- among its sports teams, of course.

That's right, Ovechkin, still the fifth-leading goal scorer in the NHL this season with 38, is the worst local athlete as voted by the Washingtonian's readers. Not Andray Blatche of the Wizards, not Sexy Rex Grossman of the Redskins or Xavier Nady of the Nationals. Nope, it's Ovechkin, arguably the city's most visible pro athlete, certainly its most visible hockey player.

He couldn't score 45 goals? What a bum!

Here's the blurb that accompanied the photo of Ovechkin in the magazine's "best of Washington" issue.

Voted local hero just a year ago in the same poll, the Great 8 has apparently lost points both on and off the ice.

But hey, at least Blatche made the "Also unpopular" mentions list.

It seems pretty clear to me that this is a weighted poll. This has to be taking into consideration a number of factors such as salary, expectations and perception. Ovechkin makes a lot and his numbers have dropped recently, but to say that they are bad and to insult him by putting him in the same conversation as Blatche? Well, that's just blasphemy (Blatchesphemy is too awful to use, right?).

What this does do, though, is remind us why our Founding Fathers instituted the Electoral College. You leave the vote up to the people and this is what happens.

I'm trying to put myself in the mind of the Washingtonian reader here and figure out the thought process. As I said, his season was slightly disappointing because of his past numbers, but it's hardly bad enough to warrant such a swing of public opinion.

Next year's worst local athlete prediction: Bryce Harper after his batting average slumps to .245 with 25 dingers and only 77 RBI in a full season.

Finally ... cupcakes being a bad food trend? Seriously?? Come on Washington, who doesn't love more cupcakes? I can live with Ovechkin's dishonor, but you lose all credibility by dissing cupcakes.

H/t to Washington Post, D.C. Sports Bog

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