WATCH: Aaron Ekblad's combine interview with Buffalo Sabres

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One staple of the combine in any sports is the team interviews. It's a chance, albeit a quick one, for teams to get to know about their potential draft picks in the things they can't see on video; what the player thinks and how he comports himself.

In the past there have been some pretty wild stories that have come from these interviews, perhaps none more notorious than when the Miami Dolphins asked a prospect if his mother were a prostitute and other off-the-wall questions.

The NHL interviews are just a bit more straight forward and stick to the pertinent details. We know this because the Buffalo Sabres, who are said to be one of the tougher team interviews, recently released video of their interview with top draft prospect Aaron Ekblad.

Surely this video is edited down, you have to imagine an NHL team gets more than a couple minutes to chat with a player they could potentially be giving a lot of money to very soon. Still, you can see the types of questions asked of Ekblad here; some about his character, some about his growth and some about his playing style.

It's not necessarily earth-shattering stuff but it's always kind of neat to take a peak behind the curtain, especially to an area where cameras haven't ventured before.

Even though the Sabres pick at No. 2, Ekblad could very likely be gone by the time they pick in next week's draft. The big defenseman is a favorite to go first overall, no matter which team is picking (Florida could trade the pick).

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