WATCH: Brian Gibbons scores goal of the postseason for AHL Pens

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The NHL isn't the only league going through its postseason right now. The American Hockey League is in the midst of its playoffs too and one player who got to experience them at the NHL level is doing the same in the AHL.

And doing it really, really well.

Brian Gibbons was playing with Sidney Crosby just a few weeks ago but now he's back in the AHL helping the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins. Boy is he ever helping.

The dangles on this goal above, oh man the dangles. It's insane how he just weaves through the defense like they're not even there and then finished the play with the goal. It probably wouldn't have hurt the Providence Bruins to throw a body in there but my goodness.

We'll just nominate this one for the goal of the postseason, regardless of the league.

S/t Ashley Chase

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