WATCH: Canadiens' Shea Weber races a horse, in the mountains, on skates

Shea Weber will do a lot to make you buy a hamburger.  USATSI

Thanks to the contract he signed with the Nashville Predators in 2012, Montreal Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber owns the longest -- and one of the largest -- deals in all of the NHL.

After a partnership with McDonald's Canada for some Mighty Angus burger ads, he's also probably the only one to race a horse, in the mountains, on skates.

Weber, 32, isn't exactly renowned for his speed, but that's exactly what McDonald's asked him to put on display across a 200-foot patch of ice -- one assembled in the Alberta mountains, right next to a racing path for a cowboy-riding horse. It's safe to say Weber delivered.

Everyone delivered, actually. Because what else do you need to convince you to buy a burger other than a fully padded NHL player skating his way past a cowboy out in the middle of the mountains?

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