WATCH: Capitals stars plays FBI, Alex Ovechkin tries out a battering ram

The Washington Capitals have cooled down after a blazing start to the 2017-18 NHL season, but they shouldn't be lacking any team chemistry moving forward.

Invited to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, according to the NHL, the Caps bonded over a battering ram and other law enforcement-related team-building activities, smashing doors and practicing hand-to-hand combat.

The highlight of the training, other than Nicklas Backstrom picking up a move he can save for the Pittsburgh Penguins?

✋️ to ✋️ combat Nicky v Burkie #ALLCAPS

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It had to be Alex Ovechkin's attempt to break through a door. The veteran winger hasn't had any trouble scoring at age 32, posting nine goals through seven games this season, but playing FBI wasn't quite as easy. Watch Ovi shout "FBI!" before needing four swings of the ram to knock down a training door and try not to replay it:

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