WATCH: Ducks' Kevin Bieksa played a security guard to mess with his teammates

Anaheim Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa has established a penchant for dressing in disguises and messing with his own teammates. Last year, Bieksa had some fun when he dressed as a less-than-courteous ice shoveler at Honda Center.

This year, he's back for more. The disguise is better and so is the prank. Introducing: Kevin Bieksa, Honda Center security guard.

Bieksa really went for it this time around and the results were pretty great. From crawling in between the legs of Ryan Getzlaf (who did not seem overly thrilled with the invasion of personal space), to swabbing down guys with a dirty broom, to picking through dudes' hair -- it's all very excellent. 

Luckily, all of Bieksa victims took it in stride and nobody decided to chuck knucks with the world's most annoying security guard. We already know the defenseman can dish out some serious punishment with his fists, so these guys are lucky that they respected the (phony) badge of authority. 

Unfortunately for Bieksa, though, he just set the bar awfully high for next year's prank.

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