WATCH: Flyers fan gets special surprise for her 104th birthday

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The internet seems to be full of heartwarming videos these days. It turns out that people like to feel good about things. Well here’s something to feel great about.

Helen Moser, who immigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1920s, has been a Philadelphia Flyers fan for a long time. According to her grandson’s description on the YouTube video below, she’s loved the team since they set down in Philadelphia in 1967 as part of the NHL’s first wave of expansion. She fell for hockey because to her, it closely resembled soccer, a sport she had grown up following and she also loved the pace of the game.

According to her grandson, Moser never misses a game.

More from Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy:

On Wednesday, Moser celebrated her 104th birthday with friends and family at the Wesley Enhanced Living retirement community in Upper Moreland, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t just any celebration. The party was Flyers-themed, with Moser and guests rocking sweaters of her favorite team.
At one point during the party a special guest arrived: Bob “The Hound” Kelly, who played 10 years with the Flyers and was a member of their two Stanley Cup-winning teams in 1974 and 1975. Kelly delivered a cake and presented Moser with a Flyers jersey featuring her name and the number 104 on the back. 

Fair warning, you’re going to say “Awww” a lot while you’re watching this video, so you decide if that’s suitable for work or not.

The best part of the whole thing is when Kelly allows Moser to try on his Stanley Cup ring from 1975.

“That’s from the second one,” Kelly told Moser who was moved to tears by trying on the ring. “That’s 40 years ago and I’m still milking it.”

It was pretty clear that the Flyers' “oldest fan” had an unforgettable 104th birthday party and was deeply touched by Kelly's presence.

“Keep things going,” Kelly said to her. “You’re an inspiration for everybody in here and we appreciate you being in the Flyers family.”

It's hard not to be amazed at the level of passion Moser shows even at 104 years of age for her Flyers. It just goes to show that sports know no age, gender or nationality. We love the games we love and we probably always will, just like Helen Moser.

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