WATCH: Guy hits golf ball off Tyler Seguin's crotch -- and it 'tickled'

Ah, the NHL offseason, where players hit the links and use their nether regions as tees for golf balls. Wait, what?

Dallas Stars young star Tyler Seguin did just that recently at The Fourth Period's charity golf tournament wherein he bravely let a Stars fan tee up off his junk with the only protection being a standard athletic cup. BALLSY!

And the man didn't hold anything back on the swing, either. Seguin remarked that it tickled but we imagine his life was probably flashing before his eyes.

Seguin uploaded the video on his Instagram (same as the video above just inverted) with the following description. We're not sure if this helped with the raised blood pressure of the Stars' front office.

Didn't think this would be happening at my first golf tourny. Thank god he was a pro. Awesome day big shoutout to the 150+ people that came #tfpclassic #charity #golf #nhl

Indeed, thank god the man is a pro and thank god for long tees. Can you imagine if the Stars had to announce Seguin would miss the next 4-6 months after taking a driver to the groin? Dustin Penner's pancake injury would be forever forgotten.

Seguin, still only 22, is coming off a tremendous season in his first year in Dallas in which he scored 37 goals and had 47 assists in 80 games, helping the Stars to return to the postseason. Luckily for him, this tee shot simply, tickled him. 

S/t Next Impulse

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