WATCH: Matt Murray surprises young fan selling lemonade for the Humane Society

Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray, a repeat Stanley Cup champion after June's second straight title, has long been an advocate of supporting the Humane Society.

Fundraisers for the animal protection organization have sprouted from Murray's home town, and the Pittsburgh icon made headlines in February for auctioning his World Cup stick in support of the Thunder Bay and District Humane Society in Ontario.

Then this week happened.

Murray was back in Thunder Bay on Sunday, perhaps to advance his cause even more, and he ended up endorsing one of his younger fans -- and a fellow Humane Society activist -- in the process.

Seven-year-old Gavin Currie was running a lemonade stand in town when Murray, who inspired Currie to raise funds in the first place, paid a surprise visit to the operation, according to CBC News. A hug and a high five between Currie and his inspiration followed, and Murray didn't leave without encouraging Currie, buying some lemonade and autographing a hockey stick for his new Thunder Bay buddy.

The exchange was documented by Thunder Bay-based PuckShots Photography, which spread word of the lemonade stand to Murray.

Currie is now seeking to raise at least $1,000 for both the Humane Society and Easter Seals, the latter of which "helps children who have disabilities have greater access to everyday activities," on a GoFundMe page.

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