WATCH: NHL giants Zdeno Chara and Jamie Oleksiak drop the gloves and fight

When 6-foot-9 squares off with 6-foot-7, you know it's a big fight. Such was the case when the Bruins' Zdeno Chara (255 pounds) squared off with the Penguins' Jamie Oleksiak (also 255 pounds) in a heated game between two likely playoff teams who showed that they just don't like each other much -- again.

The Bruins won the game, 8-4, but this fight between the two heavyweights was clearly a draw. 

Fights in hockey aren't as prevalent as they used to be, and seeing Chara get involved is even more rare, considering he's 40 and a captain and doesn't exactly have to mix it up. He's also one of the tallest player in NHL history and one of the biggest athletes in pro sports. He moves like the giants in "The Hobbit," looking relatively slow just because of how much there is to move. However, there was nothing slow about Chara's fight with Oleksiak, with the two just going at it.

Keep in mind, this was at the end of a shift that went for over three minutes on Chara's end, in which he killed an entire penalty and then stayed on for another 1:03. Oh, and the Bruins' captain is 40. CBS' own Pete Blackburn had a different account of events.

Looks right to me.

Oleksiak more than stood his ground against the terrifying frame of Chara, likely partially because he's not small himself. The fight came about halfway through the second period when Oleksiak shoved Chara and Chara gave Oleksiak a shove back after a face-off. Oleksiak paused for a second, sizing Chara up (that's a lot of sizing). When Oleksiak leaned towards Chara, Chara threw the gloves and Oleksiak threw his off as well.

The Bruins are currently chasing the Lightning in the Atlantic, while the Penguins are just three points back of division-leading Capitals in the Metropolitan, but still in comfortable position. We could end up seeing these two giants play a playoff series against each other. 

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