Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final was especially thrilling. An incredible pace, teams trading goals and finally the late game-winning goal from Nick Bonino made for a memorable opener to this year's final.

A game like that deserves a great call from the broadcasters and that's absolutely what it got on the traditional networks in USA and Canada from the capable, experienced broadcasters Mike "Doc" Emrick and Jim Hughson, respectively. But north of the border, a new broadcast team has emerged and they're taking the internet by storm.

The new darlings of the hockey world are led by exuberant play-by-play man Harnarayan Singh on "Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi." The quartet of broadcasters, including Singh, Bhupinder Hundal, Randip Janda and Harpreet Pandher, have been broadcasting the major playoff games in Punjabi, the language spoken most commonly in northern India and Pakistan, for Canada's large Sikh community.

While they've been at it for a few years now, Singh's boisterous goal calls from this postseason have been spreading like wildfire on Twitter. He's kind of like Gus Johnson, Andres Cantor (he, of the GOOOOOOOAAAAAL fame) and Ray Hudson ("MAGISTERIAL!") all wrapped into one.

Take a listen to how he called Nick Bonino's Game 1 winner Monday night:

It doesn't get much better than that.

Singh delivered a similar call when Bonino scored the series-clinching goal against the Washington Capitals in the second round as well. He's obviously pretty good at holding his breath because there were like 10 consecutive "Boninos" in that call in rather quick succession.

On top of the memorable goal calls, "Hockey Night: Punjabi" provides such an important service to the community that tunes in for their broadcasts. Bringing the game to Canadians who may not have been born into the hockey culture and giving them an entertaining product on top of it has such value.

It's something that Singh and his broadcast team take seriously, as he told National Public Radio's David Greene last week:

"I think what we're doing is making the community very proud. And I think it gives everybody the feeling that, you know, this is our country, too, and my great-grandmother even came to Canada in 1908. So it's been over a hundred years. And to think from, you know, the experiences that he had in a country where, you know, back then he wasn't, he didn't feel very welcome to where we are today. It's unbelievable."

You can hear more of Singh's memorable goal calls, including his breaking into song for a Nikita Kucherov goal, in the NPR interview here:

The videos featuring Singh's calls of some of the bigger goals of the playoffs have been racking up the retweets on Twitter and continues to gain popularity. It's hard not to wait with bated breath for the next "Hockey Night: Punjabi" video to drop to hear what they'll do next.

Nick Bonino's goal sounded pretty amazing in Punjabi. USATSI