Watch packed Chicago bar react to Blackhawks' two goals in 17 seconds

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It seems to be all the rage today to videotape sports fans in their natural habitat -- watching their favorite team in an immense game and usually with alcohol involved.

This video comes from a Chicago bar. In the two-minute video, you watch the fans go through the roller-coaster of the Blackhawks trailing late by a goal, tying the score and then taking the lead just 17 seconds later. They had barely even finished singing Chelsea Dagger before the all-too-familiar song started back up again with the bar patrons going nuts in celebration.

This is why it's awesome to be a sports fan. I imagine the only people not getting goosebumps watching that are people who don't like sports. Or Bruins fans. Otherwise, that's tremendous.

That will be the most memorable 17 seconds for a lot of people in that bar. It's great that's recorded for them all to see again.

S/t to Deadspin

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