WATCH: Sharks forward Adam Burish suffers gruesome hand injury

It's tough to pick up in the video -- hockey action is quite rapid, after all -- but the injury suffered by San Jose Sharks forward Adam Burish Tuesday night was not pretty.

As you can see, Burish took a puck to the hand during a penalty kill in the Sharks' 5-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers and he skates off in obvious pain.

The reason? It appears his finger has bent a way (warning: graphic picture) fingers are not supposed to bend. 

Burish, 31, made his season debut in February after undergoing back surgery in October. There's no word as of yet as to when Burish could return to the ice after this injury.

The good news for Burish is that his finger remained on his body, something QJMHL player Jason Fuchs couldn't say last week.

(h/t Pro Hockey Talk)

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