WATCH: Sharks' mic'd-up Dillon gets in a fight, then says sorry in a polite makeup

Brenden Dillon isn’t only a key cog on the San Jose Sharks’ playoff-bound defense.

He also happens to be the most polite fighter in the NHL.

In a viral mic’d-up video from SJSharks Productions, Dillon can be seen scuffling with the Nashville Predators’ Austin Watson in a fight that went down in Saturday’s Sharks-Predators clash:

Only after disengaging from Watson, Dillon doesn’t keep talking trash or throwing jabs. He politely apologizes to Watson, comments on the need for the two to “work on our cardio this summer” and, in the friendliest of Canadian tones, wishes the Predators foe a happy and prosperous rest of the season.

“Good luck the rest of the year, bud,” Watson chimes in.

“Thanks, you too, buddy,” Dillon responds.

If this isn’t the most pleasant on-ice clash of recent history, then what is?

It speaks volumes about Dillon’s new unofficial title of Mr. Nice Guy. And for the serious crowd, it probably speaks just as much about the current state of fighting -- or lack thereof -- in hockey.

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