WATCH: Sidney Crosby brings Stanley Cup home, surprises hockey campers

For the second time in his career, Sidney Crosby brought the Stanley Cup home to Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The Pittsburgh Penguins captain also had the Conn Smythe Trophy on hand this time as he shared his second title with the people that watched him grow up. He also took some time to continue inspiring the young kids who are following in his skate strides.

Among his many activities with the Cup Friday, Crosby brought the iconic trophy with him to his relatively new hockey camp, where many campers had no idea there would be another special guest in attendance. As expected, many of the kids freaked out with their excitement.

Cameras followed Crosby as he shared his victory with the youngsters in his home rink. He wanted to make it as surprising as possible, so he snuck in through the Zamboni doors before bringing out the Cup. After a few minutes, Crosby was no longer the biggest celebrity in the building. The kids all crowded around the Cup, but wouldn't touch it before asking first. Crosby happily obliged.

Crosby sat with the campers and posed for team photos, not unlike the ones the winning teams take at the end of the season with all their hardware. That should be fun for those kids to bring to thei next Show & Tell.

The hockey camp is only in its second year and draws young hockey players from around the world. According to, more than 5,000 kids applied to attend. A lottery is used to select 160 boys and girls, aged 8 to 12, from that pool to participate and Crosby is on the ice every day with them. Those that won the lottery this year were obviously extra lucky.

It seemed as though Crosby was enjoying himself as well, taking great care in trying to surprise the kids and making sure all of them had a good time. Being able to bring the Cup back to share with everyone there surely meant a lot to him.

Sidney Crosby was all smiles as he surprised hockey campers in his hometown. Penguins

The camp was far from the only surprise stop Crosby made Friday.

Among Crosby's other trips around town with the Stanley Cup, he made the obligatory trip to a Tim Hortons, much to the surprise of many of the local patrons and staffers.

Then it was off to a local hospital to visit with children there.

After that, Crosby took Lord Stanley for a visit to a veterans' senior home.

Soon it was time for Crosby to take some time to enjoy the Cup on his own for a little bit.

These are the moments that help a player truly appreciate what such an accomplishment means, not only to them, but to those who root for them most passionately. Crosby has gone through a lot since his last Cup win in 2009. Even though this is his second trip home with Lord Stanley, it didn't look any less special.

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