WATCH: This AHL player's breakaway attempt has to be the worst ever

Breakaways are one of hockey's most thrilling experiences. Everything seems to happen so fast yet so slow simultaneously, and everyone watching tends to hold their breath as they watch it play out.

Most of the time, the one-on-one chances result in a goal or a great save from the goalie. But on a very rare, glorious occasion does the breakaway end in an absolutely amazing screw-up. 

We got one of those occasions on Wednesday night in Hersey, Pa.

That's Adam Erne -- 22-year-old winger for the Syracuse Crunch, AHL affiliate  -- throwing away a golden opportunity on the breakaway in spectacular fashion. Not only does Erne whiff on the shot attempt, but he follows it up with a wild pirouette straight into the back of the net. 

Hockey truly is a beautiful game, folks.

It's an absolutely hilarious blunder, but I'm sure Erne has got to be quite frustrated. The Tampa Bay Lightning prospect is still looking for his first goal 14 games into the season and I would imagine this one kept him up at night. There's always next game.

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