Western Michigan's taken banner returned

Perhaps it was the sudden realization that a mistake had been made. Maybe it was simply an instance of liquid courage and a lapse in judgment. More likely however, whoever may have taken Western Michigan University's banner commemorating its Central Collegiate Hockey Association playoff title, came to the realization that 27 Bronco hockey players were more than a little miffed. Perhaps none moreso than captain Luke Witkowski, who tweeted a series of Liam Neeson-inspired threats directed at the offenders.

Less than 24 hours after Witkowski's taunts, the banner has been returned to its rightful owners.

According to a WMU spokesman, the banner was dropped off, thankfully unharmed, Tuesday at the Western Michigan campus police department by a student who claimed he "found it."

Witkowski informed the Bronco faithful of the good news over the medium that may have helped lead to its return.

What can social media do? Perhaps more accurately, what can impending retribution from two dozen large individuals do for you? 

Now the Broncos have their banner back and no one lost any limbs.

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