Will Ferrell video billboard cheers on Kings near Madison Square Garden

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The Los Angeles Kings have been known to stir the pot a little bit. Usually they do it with their often hilarious Twitter feed, giving light-hearted jabs to their opponents and fans leading to a deluge of retweets, favorites and too-serious angry responses. The latest effort to rile up an opposing fan base is rather tremendous, though.

Someone, possibly the Kings, possibly someone with way too much disposable income, purchased a video billboard ad in New York City to support the Kings. The video features comedian Will Ferrell, a noted Los Angelino and Kings fan, rooting on the Kings rather boisterously, leading a “Go Kings Go” chant and screaming at passersby.

This billboard is right across the street from Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Rangers and Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. This, boys and girls, is trolling of the highest and most expensive degree.

Via our friends at The Royal Half, here’s the video evidence:

That is taking the fight right to the front lines.

Apparently the Rangers, or someone else, are not going to take this sitting down as there was a different ad up later in the evening, though this is probably one of those rotating billboards.

The video itself is actually from the Kings’ last trip to the Stanley Cup Final. It was used to get the crowd chanting on the video board for Game 3 against the New Jersey Devils. Glad to see the Kings are into recycling, though… because this is fantastic. Here's the video:

This might rile up Rangers fans a bit to have this outside their home arena, but it probably shouldn't. Sports are supposed to be fun. The light-hearted ribbing amongst friends who are fans of rival teams is as much a part of the sports fan experience as anything else. This is kind of like a whole new level of that. It’s not mean-spirited, I don’t think, and it’s just darn funny.

Rangers fans, it’s best not to get mad… but good luck trying to get even.

(H/T Deadspin, The Royal Half, Puck Daddy)

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