Remember when Patrik Laine started this season off slow and had some people worried? 

Well, about that...

The 20-year-old Winnipeg Jets forward scored five -- count 'em, FIVE -- goals against the St. Louis Blues on Saturday night, making him the first NHL player to tally five in a game since Detroit's Johan Franzen did it in 2011. The monstrous five-goal night brought Laine's season total to 18, which currently gives him the NHL lead. 

Did we mention he scored those five goals on just five shots? Yeah, he scored five goals on five shots.

After finishing last season second in the league with 44 goals, Laine scored just three goals through 12 games in October to open this season, leaving many to wonder if something was up. However, he's quieted all of those questions with an absolutely unstoppable November in which he's scored 14 goals, including three hat tricks. There's still a week left in the month, too.

But Laine's performance Saturday night was not only huge for him and his team, it was also life-changing for one lucky fan in Manitoba. 

Thanks to the "Score & Win" game held by Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys/Safeway, the five-goal game won Winnipeg's Christopher Haley one million dollars. According to the rules of the contest, a $1 million prize is awarded to a selected fan if a single Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg player scores five goals in a contest.

The one million dollar prize will be awarded over the course of 20 years, with the fan receiving $50,000 annually during that time. Not a bad deal.

Five goals in a game is a pretty rare feat for a single player in today's NHL, so the odds of a having one guy from a specific team do it on a selected night means are extremely unlikely. This Christopher Haley fellow has to be absolutely stunned (and ecstatic) that he's got a cool million coming to him over the next few decades.

Meanwhile, Sobeys/Safeway has to hope that Patrik Laine starts to cool off soon because we might be looking at another one of these games in the near future if he keeps shooting the puck the way he has been lately.