With baby on way, Jerred Smithson traded to Oilers from Florida

Smithson has two goals this season, one on the empty net. (Getty Images)
Smithson has two goals this season, one on the empty net. (Getty Images)

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The Edmonton Oilers made a depth move on Wednesday, acquiring centerman Jerred Smithson from the Florida Panthers for a fourth-round pick.

This is not big news. Smithson is a 34-year-old, fourth-line guy who is good in the faceoff circle and can kill some penalties. He's not a big player, but he does have a little value. However, most everybody is going to meet this with a collective shrug, especially considering the Panthers and Oilers are both out of playoff position.

But there's an interesting wrinkle involved in this trade as well, some personal stuff. Remember, these guys are guys, they have personal lives and sometimes their job can interfere.

Ouch. Imagine that trade call from Panthers GM Dale Tallon (assuming he was even able to get through to Smithson): "Congrats, Jerred! Now pack your bags and leave."

This isn't to say the Panthers did anything callous by trading Smithson. It's a business and they made a business move; nothing wrong with that. In fact, it looks like a pretty good move for Tallon. He acquired Smithson from Nashville last year for a conditional seventh-round pick and trades him this year for a fourth-rounder. That's not bad business.

It's just a reminder of how sometimes these trades really affect guys personally. The next time a player declines to waive a no-trade clause to stay in what seems like a bad hockey situation, remember this.

Talk about a whirlwind day of emotions.

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