2013 Draft Prep: Keeper H2H Mock Draft

by | Senior Fantasy Writer

You asked, and we delivered

Actually, you didn't specifically ask for a keeper mock draft; you hammered us on Twitter, email, and even in person with specific keeper queries:

Here are 12 players. Which five should I keep?

I am keeping Trout, Cabrera, and Verlander. Which of the following eight players should I keep as my fourth?

I have four keeper spots for these 23 players. [Insert insane keeper loophole involving a minimum number of hitters that must be kept]. Which do you like?

We figured with all these questions, the time had come to just do a keeper mock. So we took a dormant league from last year -- with rosters still loaded -- and had each of our owners pick three keepers. Because we're suckers for semantics and loopholes here at CBSSports.com, we allowed teams to keep fewer than three if lady luck had dealt them a raw hand, meaning that if a team kept only two players, they'd be able to draft from all the unkept players in the third round (whereas the teams keeping three would have their first three rounds used for keepers).

Some quick observations on the draft:

-Key prospects taken included: Shelby Miller in the 14th round, Wil Myers and Trevor Bauer in the 17th round, Jurickson Profar in the 19th round, Jedd Gyorko and Leonys Martin in the 20th round, and Bruce Rondon and Oscar Taveras in the 21st round. By and large, the owners in this mock focused on winning in 2013, opting to look at prospect gambles after starting lineups were filled.

-Bryce Harper went with the fourth pick of the fourth round. Stephen Strasburg went with the first pick of the fourth round. This was, essentially, the first full round of drafting after keepers were added to rosters.

-Mark Teixeira was taken about 20 minutes before news of his wrist injury came to light.

-Aroldis Chapman may turn out to be a steal with the 11th pick of the sixth round.

-An injured Curtis Granderson slipped to the third pick of the seventh round. He could be a nice target in keeper formats, as he was being taken in the first round in some early mocks.

Your results:


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