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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 18CARL 2-3 (OT)0-0-1
Sep 19PITW 4-3 (OT)1-0-1
Sep 22@TORL 0-31-1-1
Sep 23TORL 1-31-2-1
Sep 27@PITL 4-51-3-1
Sep 29NYIL 1-31-4-1
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 5MONL 2-3 (SO)0-0-1Carey PriceRobin Lehner
Oct 7@NYIL 3-60-1-1Jaroslav HalakRobin Lehner
Oct 9NJL 2-60-2-1Cory SchneiderChad Johnson
Oct 12@SJL 2-30-3-1Martin JonesRobin Lehner
Oct 14@LAL 2-40-4-1Jonathan QuickRobin Lehner
Oct 15@ANAW 3-11-4-1Chad JohnsonJohn Gibson
Oct 17@LVL 4-5 (OT)1-4-2Malcolm SubbanChad Johnson
Oct 20VANL 2-41-5-2Jacob MarkstromChad Johnson
Oct 21@BOSW 5-4 (OT)2-5-2Robin LehnerAnton Khudobin
Oct 24DETW 1-03-5-2Robin LehnerJimmy Howard
Oct 25@CLBL 1-53-6-2Sergei BobrovskyChad Johnson
Oct 28SJL 2-33-7-2Aaron DellRobin Lehner
Nov 2@ARIW 5-44-7-2Robin LehnerAntti Raanta
Nov 4@DALL 1-54-8-2Kari LehtonenRobin Lehner
Nov 7WASW 3-15-8-2Robin LehnerPhilipp Grubauer
Nov 10FLAL 1-45-9-2Roberto LuongoRobin Lehner
Nov 11@MONL 1-2 (OT)5-9-3Charlie LindgrenChad Johnson
Nov 14@PITL 4-5 (OT)5-9-4Matt MurrayRobin Lehner
Nov 17@DETL 1-35-10-4Jimmy HowardRobin Lehner
Nov 18CARL 1-35-11-4Scott DarlingChad Johnson
Nov 20CLBL 2-35-12-4Sergei BobrovskyRobin Lehner
Nov 22MINL 4-55-13-4Devan DubnykRobin Lehner
Nov 24EDMW 3-16-13-4Robin LehnerLaurent Brossoit
Nov 25@MONL 0-36-14-4Carey PriceRobin Lehner
Nov 28TBL 0-26-15-4Andrei VasilevskiyRobin Lehner
Dec 1PITL 0-46-16-4Tristan JarryRobin Lehner
Dec 2@PITL 1-56-17-4Tristan JarryChad Johnson
Dec 5@COLW 4-27-17-4Robin LehnerSemyon Varlamov
Dec 8@CHIL 2-3 (OT)7-17-5Corey CrawfordRobin Lehner
Dec 10@STLL 2-3 (OT)7-17-6Jake AllenRobin Lehner
Dec 12OTTW 3-28-17-6Robin LehnerMike Condon
Dec 14@PHIL 1-28-18-6Brian ElliottRobin Lehner
Dec 15CARL 4-5 (OT)8-18-7Cam WardChad Johnson
Dec 19BOSL 0-38-19-7Anton KhudobinRobin Lehner
Dec 22PHIW 4-29-19-7Robin LehnerBrian Elliott
Dec 23@CARL 2-49-20-7Cam WardChad Johnson
Dec 27@NYIL 2-3 (OT)9-20-8Jaroslav HalakRobin Lehner
Dec 29@NJW 4-3 (OT)10-20-8Robin LehnerCory Schneider
Jan 1NYRL 2-3 (OT)10-20-9Henrik LundqvistRobin Lehner
Jan 4@MINL 2-610-21-9Devan DubnykRobin Lehner
Jan 5@WPGL 3-410-22-9Connor HellebuyckChad Johnson
Jan 7@PHIL 1-410-23-9Michal NeuvirthRobin Lehner
Jan 9WPGL 4-710-24-9Steve MasonChad Johnson
Jan 11CLBW 3-111-24-9Linus UllmarkSergei Bobrovsky
Jan 18@NYRL 3-411-25-9Henrik LundqvistRobin Lehner
Jan 20DALL 1-711-26-9Kari LehtonenRobin Lehner
Jan 22@CGYW 2-1 (OT)12-26-9Chad JohnsonMike Smith
Jan 23@EDMW 5-013-26-9Robin LehnerCam Talbot
Jan 25@VANW 4-014-26-9Robin LehnerJacob Markstrom
Jan 30NJL 1-314-27-9Keith KinkaidRobin Lehner
Feb 1FLAL 2-414-28-9Harri SateriChad Johnson
Feb 3STLL 0-114-29-9Carter HuttonRobin Lehner
Feb 6ANAL 3-4 (OT)14-29-10Ryan MillerRobin Lehner
Feb 8NYIW 4-315-29-10Robin LehnerJaroslav Halak
Feb 10@BOSW 4-216-29-10Chad JohnsonTuukka Rask
Feb 11COLL 4-516-30-10Jonathan BernierRobin Lehner
Feb 13TBW 5-317-30-10Chad JohnsonLouis Domingue
Feb 15@OTTL 2-3 (OT)17-30-11Craig AndersonRobin Lehner
Feb 17LAL 2-417-31-11Jonathan QuickRobin Lehner
Feb 19WASL 2-317-32-11Philipp GrubauerChad Johnson
Feb 22@DETW 3-2 (OT)18-32-11Robin LehnerJimmy Howard
Feb 24@WASL 1-518-33-11Philipp GrubauerRobin Lehner
Feb 25BOSW 4-119-33-11Chad JohnsonAnton Khudobin
Feb 28@TBW 2-1 (OT)20-33-11Chad JohnsonAndrei Vasilevskiy
Mar 2@FLAL 1-420-34-11James ReimerRobin Lehner
Mar 5TORW 5-321-34-11Chad JohnsonFrederik Andersen
Mar 7CGYL 1-521-35-11David RittichChad Johnson
Mar 8@OTTW 4-3 (SO)22-35-11Robin LehnerCraig Anderson
Mar 10LVL 1-2 (SO)22-35-12Marc-Andre FleuryRobin Lehner
Mar 15TORL 2-522-36-12Curtis McElhinneyRobin Lehner
Mar 17CHIW 5-323-36-12Chad JohnsonJean-Francois Berube
Mar 19NSHL 0-423-37-12Pekka RinneLinus Ullmark
Mar 21ARIL 1-423-38-12Antti RaantaChad Johnson
Mar 23MONL 0-323-39-12Antti NiemiLinus Ullmark
Mar 24@NYRL 1-523-40-12Alexandar GeorgievRobin Lehner
Mar 26@TORW 3-224-40-12Chad JohnsonFrederik Andersen
Mar 29DETL 3-624-41-12Jimmy HowardChad Johnson
Mar 31@NSHW 7-425-41-12Chad JohnsonPekka Rinne
Apr 2@TORL 2-525-42-12Curtis McElhinneyChad Johnson
Apr 4OTTL 2-425-43-12Craig AndersonChad Johnson
Apr 6@TBL 5-725-44-12Andrei VasilevskiyChad Johnson
Apr 7@FLAL 3-425-45-12James ReimerChad Johnson
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