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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 16VANL 3-4 (OT)0-0-1
Sep 21VANW 5-21-0-1
Sep 22@ANAL 2-41-1-1
Sep 23@VANW 4-3 (SO)2-1-1
Sep 26@LVW 3-2 (OT)3-1-1
Sep 28ARIW 4-14-1-1
Sep 30ANAW 1-0 (OT)5-1-1
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 5PHIW 2-01-0-0Jonathan QuickMichal Neuvirth
Oct 7@SJW 4-12-0-0Jonathan QuickMartin Jones
Oct 11CGYL 3-4 (OT)2-0-1Mike SmithJonathan Quick
Oct 14BUFW 4-23-0-1Jonathan QuickRobin Lehner
Oct 15NYIW 3-24-0-1Darcy KuemperJaroslav Halak
Oct 18MONW 5-15-0-1Jonathan QuickAl Montoya
Oct 21@CLBW 6-46-0-1Jonathan QuickSergei Bobrovsky
Oct 23@TORL 2-36-1-1Frederik AndersenJonathan Quick
Oct 24@OTTW 3-2 (SO)7-1-1Darcy KuemperMike Condon
Oct 26@MONW 4-08-1-1Jonathan QuickCarey Price
Oct 28@BOSW 2-1 (OT)9-1-1Jonathan QuickTuukka Rask
Oct 30@STLL 2-49-2-1Jake AllenJonathan Quick
Nov 2TORW 5-310-2-1Jonathan QuickCurtis McElhinney
Nov 4NSHL 3-4 (OT)10-2-2Juuse SarosDarcy Kuemper
Nov 7@ANAW 4-3 (OT)11-2-2Jonathan QuickRyan Miller
Nov 9TBL 2-511-3-2Peter BudajJonathan Quick
Nov 12SJL 1-211-4-2Martin JonesJonathan Quick
Nov 14VANL 2-311-5-2Anders NilssonJonathan Quick
Nov 16BOSL 1-211-6-2Anton KhudobinJonathan Quick
Nov 18FLAW 4-012-6-2Darcy KuemperJames Reimer
Nov 19@LVL 2-412-7-2Maxime LagaceJonathan Quick
Nov 22WPGL 1-212-8-2Steve MasonJonathan Quick
Nov 24@ARIL 2-3 (OT)12-8-3Scott WedgewoodDarcy Kuemper
Nov 25ANAW 2-1 (SO)13-8-3Jonathan QuickRyan Miller
Nov 28@DETW 4-114-8-3Jonathan QuickJimmy Howard
Nov 30@WASW 5-215-8-3Jonathan QuickBraden Holtby
Dec 1@STLW 4-116-8-3Darcy KuemperCarter Hutton
Dec 3@CHIW 3-117-8-3Jonathan QuickAnton Forsberg
Dec 5MINW 5-218-8-3Jonathan QuickDevan Dubnyk
Dec 7OTTW 4-3 (OT)19-8-3Darcy KuemperMike Condon
Dec 9CARW 3-2 (OT)20-8-3Jonathan QuickScott Darling
Dec 12@NJL 1-520-9-3Cory SchneiderJonathan Quick
Dec 15@NYRL 2-420-10-3Henrik LundqvistJonathan Quick
Dec 16@NYIL 3-4 (OT)20-10-4Thomas GreissDarcy Kuemper
Dec 18@PHIW 4-121-10-4Jonathan QuickBrian Elliott
Dec 21COLW 2-1 (OT)22-10-4Jonathan QuickSemyon Varlamov
Dec 23@SJL 0-222-11-4Martin JonesJonathan Quick
Dec 28LVL 2-3 (OT)22-11-5Marc-Andre FleuryJonathan Quick
Dec 30@VANW 4-323-11-5Jonathan QuickJacob Markstrom
Jan 2@EDMW 5-024-11-5Jonathan QuickCam Talbot
Jan 4@CGYL 3-424-12-5Mike SmithJonathan Quick
Jan 6NSHL 3-424-13-5Pekka RinneJonathan Quick
Jan 13ANAL 2-424-14-5John GibsonJonathan Quick
Jan 15SJL 1-424-15-5Martin JonesDarcy Kuemper
Jan 18PITL 1-324-16-5Casey DeSmithJonathan Quick
Jan 19@ANAL 1-224-17-5John GibsonJonathan Quick
Jan 21NYRW 4-225-17-5Jonathan QuickHenrik Lundqvist
Jan 23@VANL 2-625-18-5Jacob MarkstromJonathan Quick
Jan 24@CGYW 2-1 (OT)26-18-5Darcy KuemperMike Smith
Jan 30@DALW 3-027-18-5Darcy KuemperBen Bishop
Feb 1@NSHL 0-527-19-5Pekka RinneJonathan Quick
Feb 3ARIW 6-028-19-5Darcy KuemperScott Wedgewood
Feb 7EDMW 5-229-19-5Darcy KuemperCam Talbot
Feb 9@FLAW 3-130-19-5Jonathan QuickHarri Sateri
Feb 10@TBL 3-430-20-5Andrei VasilevskiyJonathan Quick
Feb 13@CARL 3-730-21-5Cam WardJonathan Quick
Feb 15@PITL 1-330-22-5Matt MurrayJonathan Quick
Feb 17@BUFW 4-231-22-5Jonathan QuickRobin Lehner
Feb 19@CHIW 3-132-22-5Jonathan QuickAnton Forsberg
Feb 20@WPGW 4-333-22-5Darcy KuemperConnor Hellebuyck
Feb 22DALL 0-233-23-5Kari LehtonenJonathan Quick
Feb 24EDML 3-433-24-5Cam TalbotJonathan Quick
Feb 26LVW 3-2 (OT)34-24-5Jonathan QuickMarc-Andre Fleury
Feb 27@LVW 4-135-24-5Jack CampbellMaxime Lagace
Mar 1CLBW 5-236-24-5Jonathan QuickJoonas Korpisalo
Mar 3CHIL 3-536-25-5Anton ForsbergJonathan Quick
Mar 8WASW 3-137-25-5Jonathan QuickPhilipp Grubauer
Mar 10STLL 2-737-26-5Jake AllenJonathan Quick
Mar 12VANW 3-038-26-5Jonathan QuickAnders Nilsson
Mar 13@ARIL 3-4 (SO)38-26-6Adin HillJack Campbell
Mar 15DETW 4-139-26-6Jonathan QuickJared Coreau
Mar 17NJL 0-339-27-6Keith KinkaidJonathan Quick
Mar 19@MINW 4-3 (OT)40-27-6Jonathan QuickDevan Dubnyk
Mar 20@WPG 8:00 PMTickets starting at $52.80
Mar 22@COL 9:00 PMTickets starting at $44.50
Mar 24@EDM10:00 PMTickets starting at $53.88
Mar 26CGY10:30 PMTickets starting at $26.50
Mar 29ARI10:30 PMTickets starting at $24.70
Mar 30@ANA10:00 PMTickets starting at $110.50
Apr 2COL10:30 PMTickets starting at $23.50
Apr 5MIN10:30 PMTickets starting at $25.90
Apr 7DAL10:30 PMTickets starting at $52.90
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