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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 18WASW 4-11-0-0
Sep 20@NYRL 3-4 (OT)1-0-1
Sep 21@MONW 4-12-0-1
Sep 23NYRW 2-13-0-1
Sep 25@OTTW 8-14-0-1
Sep 25@NYIL 0-34-1-1
Sep 27@WASW 4-15-1-1
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 7COLW 4-11-0-0Cory SchneiderJonathan Bernier
Oct 9@BUFW 6-22-0-0Cory SchneiderChad Johnson
Oct 11@TORW 6-33-0-0Cory SchneiderFrederik Andersen
Oct 13WASL 2-53-1-0Braden HoltbyCory Schneider
Oct 14@NYRW 3-24-1-0Keith KinkaidOndrej Pavelec
Oct 17TBW 5-4 (SO)5-1-0Cory SchneiderPeter Budaj
Oct 19@OTTW 5-4 (OT)6-1-0Keith KinkaidCraig Anderson
Oct 20SJL 0-36-2-0Martin JonesKeith Kinkaid
Oct 27OTTW 5-4 (SO)7-2-0Keith KinkaidMike Condon
Oct 28ARIW 4-38-2-0Cory SchneiderLouis Domingue
Nov 1@VANW 2-09-2-0Cory SchneiderJacob Markstrom
Nov 3@EDML 3-69-3-0Cam TalbotCory Schneider
Nov 5@CGYL 4-5 (SO)9-3-1Mike SmithKeith Kinkaid
Nov 7STLL 1-39-4-1Jake AllenCory Schneider
Nov 9EDML 2-3 (OT)9-4-2Cam TalbotCory Schneider
Nov 11FLAW 2-110-4-2Cory SchneiderJames Reimer
Nov 12@CHIW 7-511-4-2Keith KinkaidCorey Crawford
Nov 16@TORL 0-1 (OT)11-4-3Frederik AndersenCory Schneider
Nov 18@WPGL 2-511-5-3Connor HellebuyckCory Schneider
Nov 20@MINW 4-3 (OT)12-5-3Cory SchneiderDevan Dubnyk
Nov 22BOSL 2-3 (SO)12-5-4Anton KhudobinCory Schneider
Nov 24VANW 3-213-5-4Cory SchneiderJacob Markstrom
Nov 25@DETW 4-3 (OT)14-5-4Keith KinkaidJimmy Howard
Nov 27FLAL 2-314-6-4Roberto LuongoCory Schneider
Dec 1@COLW 2-115-6-4Cory SchneiderSemyon Varlamov
Dec 2@ARIL 0-515-7-4Scott WedgewoodKeith Kinkaid
Dec 5@CLBW 4-116-7-4Cory SchneiderSergei Bobrovsky
Dec 8CLBL 3-516-8-4Sergei BobrovskyCory Schneider
Dec 9@NYRL 2-516-9-4Henrik LundqvistKeith Kinkaid
Dec 12LAW 5-117-9-4Cory SchneiderJonathan Quick
Dec 14@MONL 1-2 (OT)17-9-5Carey PriceCory Schneider
Dec 15DALW 5-218-9-5Cory SchneiderKari Lehtonen
Dec 18ANAW 5-319-9-5Cory SchneiderRyan Miller
Dec 21NYRW 4-3 (SO)20-9-5Cory SchneiderHenrik Lundqvist
Dec 23CHIW 4-121-9-5Cory SchneiderCorey Crawford
Dec 27DETW 3-122-9-5Cory SchneiderJimmy Howard
Dec 29BUFL 3-4 (OT)22-9-6Robin LehnerCory Schneider
Dec 30@WASL 2-522-10-6Braden HoltbyCory Schneider
Jan 2@STLL 2-3 (SO)22-10-7Carter HuttonKeith Kinkaid
Jan 4@DALL 3-422-11-7Ben BishopCory Schneider
Jan 7@NYIL 4-5 (SO)22-11-8Jaroslav HalakCory Schneider
Jan 13PHIL 3-522-12-8Brian ElliottCory Schneider
Jan 16@NYIW 4-123-12-8Keith KinkaidJaroslav Halak
Jan 18WASW 4-3 (OT)24-12-8Keith KinkaidBraden Holtby
Jan 20@PHIL 1-324-13-8Michal NeuvirthKeith Kinkaid
Jan 22DETL 0-324-14-8Petr MrazekCory Schneider
Jan 23@BOSL 2-324-15-8Tuukka RaskCory Schneider
Jan 25NSHL 0-324-16-8Pekka RinneKen Appleby
Jan 30@BUFW 3-125-16-8Keith KinkaidRobin Lehner
Feb 1PHIW 4-326-16-8Keith KinkaidAlex Lyon
Feb 3PITW 3-127-16-8Keith KinkaidCasey DeSmith
Feb 6@OTTL 3-527-17-8Craig AndersonKeith Kinkaid
Feb 8CGYL 2-327-18-8David RittichKeith Kinkaid
Feb 10@CLBL 1-627-19-8Sergei BobrovskyKeith Kinkaid
Feb 11BOSL 3-527-20-8Anton KhudobinEddie Lack
Feb 13@PHIW 5-4 (SO)28-20-8Keith KinkaidMichal Neuvirth
Feb 15CARW 5-229-20-8Keith KinkaidScott Darling
Feb 17@TBW 4-330-20-8Eddie LackAndrei Vasilevskiy
Feb 18@CARW 3-2 (OT)31-20-8Keith KinkaidCam Ward
Feb 20CLBL 1-231-21-8Sergei BobrovskyKeith Kinkaid
Feb 22MINL 2-431-22-8Alex StalockEddie Lack
Feb 24NYIW 2-132-22-8Keith KinkaidJaroslav Halak
Feb 27@PITW 3-233-22-8Keith KinkaidCasey DeSmith
Mar 1@FLAL 2-333-23-8Roberto LuongoCory Schneider
Mar 2@CARL 1-333-24-8Cam WardKeith Kinkaid
Mar 4LVL 2-333-25-8Marc-Andre FleuryCory Schneider
Mar 6MONW 6-434-25-8Keith KinkaidCharlie Lindgren
Mar 8WPGL 2-334-26-8Connor HellebuyckCory Schneider
Mar 10@NSHW 3-2 (SO)35-26-8Keith KinkaidJuuse Saros
Mar 14@LVW 8-336-26-8Keith KinkaidMarc-Andre Fleury
Mar 17@LAW 3-037-26-8Keith KinkaidJonathan Quick
Mar 18@ANAL 2-437-27-8John GibsonKeith Kinkaid
Mar 20@SJL 2-637-28-8Martin JonesCory Schneider
Mar 23@PITW 4-3 (OT)38-28-8Keith KinkaidMatt Murray
Mar 24TBW 2-139-28-8Keith KinkaidAndrei Vasilevskiy
Mar 27CARW 4-340-28-8Keith KinkaidScott Darling
Mar 29PITL 3-4 (OT)40-28-9Matt MurrayKeith Kinkaid
Mar 31NYIW 4-341-28-9Keith KinkaidThomas Greiss
Apr 1@MONW 2-142-28-9Keith KinkaidCarey Price
Apr 3NYRW 5-243-28-9Keith KinkaidHenrik Lundqvist
Apr 5TORW 2-144-28-9Keith KinkaidFrederik Andersen
Apr 7@WASL 3-544-29-9Braden HoltbyCory Schneider
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Apr 12@TBL 2-50-1Andrei VasilevskiyKeith Kinkaid
Apr 14@TBL 3-50-2Andrei VasilevskiyKeith Kinkaid
Apr 16TBW 5-21-2Cory SchneiderAndrei Vasilevskiy
Apr 18TBL 1-31-3Andrei VasilevskiyCory Schneider
Apr 21@TBL 1-31-4Andrei VasilevskiyCory Schneider
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