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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 18TORW 6-21-0-0
Sep 19@TORW 5-22-0-0
Sep 23MONW 5-13-0-0
Sep 25NJL 1-83-1-0
Sep 27@WPGL 3-53-2-0
Sep 30@MONL 2-93-3-0
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 5WASL 4-5 (SO)0-0-1Braden HoltbyCraig Anderson
Oct 7DETL 1-2 (SO)0-0-2Jimmy HowardCraig Anderson
Oct 10@VANW 3-2 (SO)1-0-2Craig AndersonJacob Markstrom
Oct 13@CGYW 6-02-0-2Craig AndersonMike Smith
Oct 14@EDMW 6-13-0-2Mike CondonCam Talbot
Oct 17VANL 0-33-1-2Anders NilssonCraig Anderson
Oct 19NJL 4-5 (OT)3-1-3Keith KinkaidCraig Anderson
Oct 21TORW 6-34-1-3Craig AndersonFrederik Andersen
Oct 24LAL 2-3 (SO)4-1-4Darcy KuemperMike Condon
Oct 26PHIW 5-45-1-4Craig AndersonMichal Neuvirth
Oct 27@NJL 4-5 (SO)5-1-5Keith KinkaidMike Condon
Oct 30MONL 3-85-2-5Al MontoyaCraig Anderson
Nov 2DETW 3-16-2-5Craig AndersonJimmy Howard
Nov 4LVL 4-56-3-5Maxime LagaceCraig Anderson
Nov 10@COLW 4-3 (OT)7-3-5Craig AndersonSemyon Varlamov
Nov 11COLW 4-38-3-5Craig AndersonJonathan Bernier
Nov 16PITL 1-38-4-5Matt MurrayCraig Anderson
Nov 18ARIL 2-3 (OT)8-4-6Antti RaantaMike Condon
Nov 19@NYRL 0-38-5-6Henrik LundqvistCraig Anderson
Nov 22@WASL 2-58-6-6Braden HoltbyCraig Anderson
Nov 24@CLBL 2-58-7-6Sergei BobrovskyCraig Anderson
Nov 25NYIL 1-28-8-6Jaroslav HalakCraig Anderson
Nov 29@MONL 1-28-9-6Carey PriceMike Condon
Dec 1@NYIW 6-59-9-6Mike CondonJaroslav Halak
Dec 3@WPGL 0-59-10-6Connor HellebuyckMike Condon
Dec 6@ANAL 0-39-11-6Ryan MillerCraig Anderson
Dec 7@LAL 3-4 (OT)9-11-7Darcy KuemperMike Condon
Dec 9@SJL 0-59-12-7Aaron DellCraig Anderson
Dec 12@BUFL 2-39-13-7Robin LehnerMike Condon
Dec 13NYRW 3-210-13-7Craig AndersonHenrik Lundqvist
Dec 16MONW 3-011-13-7Craig AndersonCarey Price
Dec 19MINL 4-611-14-7Alex StalockCraig Anderson
Dec 21@TBL 3-4 (SO)11-14-8Andrei VasilevskiyCraig Anderson
Dec 23@FLAL 0-111-15-8James ReimerMike Condon
Dec 27@BOSL 1-511-16-8Tuukka RaskCraig Anderson
Dec 29CLBW 5-412-16-8Mike CondonSergei Bobrovsky
Dec 30BOSL 0-512-17-8Tuukka RaskMike Condon
Jan 3@DETL 1-2 (OT)12-17-9Jimmy HowardCraig Anderson
Jan 5SJW 6-5 (OT)13-17-9Craig AndersonAaron Dell
Jan 6TBW 6-314-17-9Craig AndersonAndrei Vasilevskiy
Jan 9CHIL 2-814-18-9Anton ForsbergCraig Anderson
Jan 10@TORW 4-315-18-9Craig AndersonFrederik Andersen
Jan 18STLL 1-415-19-9Carter HuttonCraig Anderson
Jan 20TORL 3-415-20-9Frederik AndersenCraig Anderson
Jan 22@MINL 1-315-21-9Alex StalockMike Condon
Jan 23@STLL 0-315-22-9Carter HuttonCraig Anderson
Jan 25BOSL 2-315-23-9Tuukka RaskMike Condon
Jan 30@CARL 1-215-24-9Cam WardCraig Anderson
Feb 1ANAW 2-1 (OT)16-24-9Mike CondonRyan Miller
Feb 3@PHIW 4-3 (SO)17-24-9Craig AndersonMichal Neuvirth
Feb 4@MONL 1-417-25-9Carey PriceMike Condon
Feb 6NJW 5-318-25-9Craig AndersonKeith Kinkaid
Feb 8NSHW 4-3 (OT)19-25-9Craig AndersonJuuse Saros
Feb 10@TORL 3-619-26-9Frederik AndersenMike Condon
Feb 13@PITL 3-619-27-9Matt MurrayMike Condon
Feb 15BUFW 3-2 (OT)20-27-9Craig AndersonRobin Lehner
Feb 17NYRW 6-321-27-9Craig AndersonHenrik Lundqvist
Feb 19@NSHL 2-521-28-9Pekka RinneCraig Anderson
Feb 21@CHIL 2-3 (SO)21-28-10Anton ForsbergMike Condon
Feb 22TBL 3-421-29-10Louis DomingueCraig Anderson
Feb 24PHIL 3-521-30-10Petr MrazekCraig Anderson
Feb 27@WASL 2-321-31-10Philipp GrubauerMike Condon
Mar 2@LVW 5-422-31-10Craig AndersonMarc-Andre Fleury
Mar 3@ARIL 1-222-32-10Antti RaantaMike Condon
Mar 5@DALW 3-2 (OT)23-32-10Craig AndersonKari Lehtonen
Mar 8BUFL 3-4 (SO)23-32-11Robin LehnerCraig Anderson
Mar 9CGYL 1-223-33-11David RittichMike Condon
Mar 12@FLAW 5-324-33-11Craig AndersonRoberto Luongo
Mar 13@TBW 7-425-33-11Mike CondonAndrei Vasilevskiy
Mar 16DALW 3-2 (OT)26-33-11Craig AndersonBen Bishop
Mar 17@CLBL 1-226-34-11Sergei BobrovskyMike Condon
Mar 20FLAL 2-726-35-11James ReimerCraig Anderson
Mar 22EDML 2-626-36-11Cam TalbotCraig Anderson
Mar 24CARL 2-526-37-11Cam WardMike Condon
Mar 26@CARL 1-426-38-11Cam WardCraig Anderson
Mar 27NYIL 3-426-39-11Jaroslav HalakMike Condon
Mar 29FLAW 3-2 (OT)27-39-11Craig AndersonJames Reimer
Mar 31@DETL 0-227-40-11Jimmy HowardMike Condon
Apr 2WPGL 5-627-41-11Connor HellebuyckCraig Anderson
Apr 4@BUFW 4-228-41-11Craig AndersonChad Johnson
Apr 6@PITL 0-428-42-11Casey DeSmithCraig Anderson
Apr 7@BOSL 2-528-43-11Anton KhudobinDanny Taylor
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