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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 19@DALL 3-50-1-0
Sep 20CLBW 3-2 (OT)1-1-0
Sep 22@WASW 4-02-1-0
Sep 23DALL 0-42-2-0
Sep 24@PITW 4-13-2-0
Sep 26@CLBL 2-53-3-0
Sep 28MINL 2-33-4-0
Oct 1WASL 3-43-5-0
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 4@PITW 5-4 (OT)1-0-0Jake AllenMatt Murray
Oct 7DALW 4-22-0-0Jake AllenKari Lehtonen
Oct 9@NYIW 3-2 (SO)3-0-0Jake AllenThomas Greiss
Oct 10@NYRW 3-14-0-0Carter HuttonHenrik Lundqvist
Oct 12@FLAL 2-54-1-0Roberto LuongoJake Allen
Oct 14@TBL 1-24-2-0Andrei VasilevskiyJake Allen
Oct 18CHIW 5-25-2-0Jake AllenCorey Crawford
Oct 19@COLW 4-36-2-0Carter HuttonJonathan Bernier
Oct 21@LVL 2-3 (OT)6-2-1Oscar DanskJake Allen
Oct 25CGYW 5-27-2-1Jake AllenEddie Lack
Oct 27@CARW 2-18-2-1Carter HuttonCam Ward
Oct 28CLBW 4-19-2-1Jake AllenJoonas Korpisalo
Oct 30LAW 4-210-2-1Jake AllenJonathan Quick
Nov 2PHIL 0-210-3-1Michal NeuvirthJake Allen
Nov 4TORW 6-411-3-1Jake AllenFrederik Andersen
Nov 7@NJW 3-112-3-1Jake AllenCory Schneider
Nov 9ARIW 3-2 (SO)13-3-1Carter HuttonAntti Raanta
Nov 11NYIL 2-513-4-1Thomas GreissJake Allen
Nov 13@CGYL 4-713-5-1Eddie LackJake Allen
Nov 16@EDMW 4-114-5-1Jake AllenCam Talbot
Nov 18@VANW 4-3 (OT)15-5-1Jake AllenAnders Nilsson
Nov 21EDMW 8-316-5-1Jake AllenLaurent Brossoit
Nov 24NSHL 0-216-6-1Pekka RinneCarter Hutton
Nov 25MINW 6-317-6-1Jake AllenDevan Dubnyk
Nov 29ANAL 2-317-7-1John GibsonJake Allen
Dec 1LAL 1-417-8-1Darcy KuemperCarter Hutton
Dec 2@MINL 1-2 (OT)17-8-2Devan DubnykJake Allen
Dec 5@MONW 4-318-8-2Jake AllenCarey Price
Dec 7DALW 3-019-8-2Jake AllenKari Lehtonen
Dec 9@DETW 6-120-8-2Jake AllenJimmy Howard
Dec 10BUFW 3-2 (OT)21-8-2Jake AllenRobin Lehner
Dec 12TBL 0-321-9-2Andrei VasilevskiyJake Allen
Dec 14ANAL 1-321-10-2John GibsonJake Allen
Dec 16WPGW 2-022-10-2Carter HuttonSteve Mason
Dec 17@WPGL 0-422-11-2Connor HellebuyckJake Allen
Dec 20@CGYL 1-222-12-2Mike SmithCarter Hutton
Dec 21@EDML 2-322-13-2Cam TalbotJake Allen
Dec 23@VANW 3-123-13-2Jake AllenJacob Markstrom
Dec 27NSHL 1-223-14-2Pekka RinneJake Allen
Dec 29@DALL 2-423-15-2Ben BishopJake Allen
Dec 30CARW 3-224-15-2Carter HuttonScott Darling
Jan 2NJW 3-2 (SO)25-15-2Carter HuttonKeith Kinkaid
Jan 4LVW 2-126-15-2Carter HuttonMarc-Andre Fleury
Jan 6@PHIL 3-626-16-2Brian ElliottJake Allen
Jan 7@WASL 3-4 (OT)26-16-3Braden HoltbyCarter Hutton
Jan 9FLAL 4-726-17-3James ReimerJake Allen
Jan 16@TORW 2-1 (OT)27-17-3Carter HuttonFrederik Andersen
Jan 18@OTTW 4-128-17-3Carter HuttonCraig Anderson
Jan 20ARIL 2-528-18-3Antti RaantaCarter Hutton
Jan 23OTTW 3-029-18-3Carter HuttonCraig Anderson
Jan 25COLW 3-130-18-3Carter HuttonJonathan Bernier
Jan 30MONW 3-131-18-3Carter HuttonCarey Price
Feb 1@BOSL 1-331-19-3Tuukka RaskJake Allen
Feb 3@BUFW 1-032-19-3Carter HuttonRobin Lehner
Feb 6MINL 2-632-20-3Devan DubnykCarter Hutton
Feb 8COLW 6-133-20-3Carter HuttonJonathan Bernier
Feb 9@WPGW 5-234-20-3Jake AllenConnor Hellebuyck
Feb 11PITL 1-434-21-3Matt MurrayJake Allen
Feb 13@NSHL 3-4 (OT)34-21-4Pekka RinneCarter Hutton
Feb 16@DALL 1-234-22-4Ben BishopJake Allen
Feb 20SJL 2-334-23-4Martin JonesCarter Hutton
Feb 23WPGL 0-434-24-4Connor HellebuyckJake Allen
Feb 25@NSHL 0-434-25-4Pekka RinneJake Allen
Feb 27@MINL 3-834-26-4Devan DubnykCarter Hutton
Feb 28DETW 2-135-26-4Carter HuttonJimmy Howard
Mar 3@DALL 2-3 (OT)35-26-5Ben BishopCarter Hutton
Mar 8@SJL 0-235-27-5Martin JonesJake Allen
Mar 10@LAW 7-236-27-5Jake AllenJonathan Quick
Mar 12@ANAW 4-237-27-5Jake AllenJohn Gibson
Mar 15COLL 1-437-28-5Semyon VarlamovJake Allen
Mar 17NYRW 4-3 (OT)38-28-5Jake AllenAlexandar Georgiev
Mar 18@CHIW 5-4 (OT)39-28-5Jake AllenJean-Francois Berube
Mar 21BOSW 2-1 (OT)40-28-5Jake AllenAnton Khudobin
Mar 23VANW 4-141-28-5Jake AllenAnders Nilsson
Mar 24@CLBW 2-142-28-5Jake AllenSergei Bobrovsky
Mar 27SJW 3-2 (OT)43-28-5Jake AllenAaron Dell
Mar 30@LVL 3-4 (OT)43-28-6Malcolm SubbanJake Allen
Mar 31@ARIL 0-643-29-6Antti RaantaJake Allen
Apr 2WASL 2-443-30-6Braden HoltbyJake Allen
Apr 4CHIL 3-443-31-6Jean-Francois BerubeJake Allen
Apr 6@CHIW 4-144-31-6Carter HuttonJean-Francois Berube
Apr 7@COLL 2-544-32-6Jonathan BernierJake Allen
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