Conference Team RankingsGF AverageGA AveragePower Play
Maple Leafs3.292.7728.57%
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2017-18 · 2016-17
2017-2018 Schedule
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Sep 18@OTTL 2-60-1-0
Sep 19OTTL 2-50-2-0
Sep 22BUFW 3-01-2-0
Sep 23@BUFW 3-12-2-0
Sep 25MONW 5-13-2-0
Sep 27@MONW 4-24-2-0
Sep 29@DETW 4-25-2-0
Sep 30DETL 2-3 (SO)5-2-1
Regular Season
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Oct 4@WPGW 7-21-0-0Frederik AndersenSteve Mason
Oct 7NYRW 8-52-0-0Frederik AndersenOndrej Pavelec
Oct 9CHIW 4-3 (OT)3-0-0Frederik AndersenAnton Forsberg
Oct 11NJL 3-63-1-0Cory SchneiderFrederik Andersen
Oct 14@MONW 4-3 (OT)4-1-0Frederik AndersenCarey Price
Oct 17@WASW 2-05-1-0Frederik AndersenBraden Holtby
Oct 18DETW 6-36-1-0Curtis McElhinneyPetr Mrazek
Oct 21@OTTL 3-66-2-0Craig AndersonFrederik Andersen
Oct 23LAW 3-27-2-0Frederik AndersenJonathan Quick
Oct 26CARL 3-67-3-0Scott DarlingFrederik Andersen
Oct 28PHIL 2-47-4-0Brian ElliottFrederik Andersen
Oct 30@SJL 2-37-5-0Martin JonesFrederik Andersen
Nov 1@ANAW 3-18-5-0Frederik AndersenJohn Gibson
Nov 2@LAL 3-58-6-0Jonathan QuickCurtis McElhinney
Nov 4@STLL 4-68-7-0Jake AllenFrederik Andersen
Nov 6LVW 4-3 (SO)9-7-0Frederik AndersenMaxime Lagace
Nov 8MINW 4-210-7-0Frederik AndersenDevan Dubnyk
Nov 10BOSW 3-2 (OT)11-7-0Frederik AndersenAnton Khudobin
Nov 11@BOSW 4-112-7-0Curtis McElhinneyTuukka Rask
Nov 16NJW 1-0 (OT)13-7-0Frederik AndersenCory Schneider
Nov 18@MONW 6-014-7-0Frederik AndersenCharlie Lindgren
Nov 20ARIL 1-414-8-0Antti RaantaFrederik Andersen
Nov 22@FLAL 1-2 (SO)14-8-1Roberto LuongoFrederik Andersen
Nov 24@CARW 5-415-8-1Frederik AndersenScott Darling
Nov 25WASL 2-415-9-1Braden HoltbyCurtis McElhinney
Nov 28@CGYW 4-116-9-1Frederik AndersenMike Smith
Nov 30@EDMW 6-417-9-1Frederik AndersenLaurent Brossoit
Dec 2@VANL 1-217-10-1Jacob MarkstromFrederik Andersen
Dec 6CGYW 2-1 (SO)18-10-1Frederik AndersenMike Smith
Dec 9@PITW 4-319-10-1Frederik AndersenCasey DeSmith
Dec 10EDMW 1-020-10-1Curtis McElhinneyLaurent Brossoit
Dec 12@PHIL 2-420-11-1Brian ElliottFrederik Andersen
Dec 14@MINL 0-220-12-1Alex StalockFrederik Andersen
Dec 15@DETL 1-320-13-1Jimmy HowardCurtis McElhinney
Dec 19CARW 8-121-13-1Frederik AndersenScott Darling
Dec 20@CLBL 2-421-14-1Joonas KorpisaloCurtis McElhinney
Dec 23@NYRW 3-222-14-1Frederik AndersenHenrik Lundqvist
Dec 28@ARIW 7-423-14-1Frederik AndersenScott Wedgewood
Dec 29@COLL 3-4 (OT)23-14-2Semyon VarlamovCalvin Pickard
Dec 31@LVL 3-623-15-2Malcolm SubbanFrederik Andersen
Jan 2TBL 0-223-16-2Andrei VasilevskiyFrederik Andersen
Jan 4SJW 3-2 (SO)24-16-2Frederik AndersenMartin Jones
Jan 6VANW 3-2 (SO)25-16-2Frederik AndersenJacob Markstrom
Jan 8CLBL 2-3 (OT)25-16-3Sergei BobrovskyFrederik Andersen
Jan 10OTTL 3-425-17-3Craig AndersonFrederik Andersen
Jan 16STLL 1-2 (OT)25-17-4Carter HuttonFrederik Andersen
Jan 18@PHIL 2-3 (OT)25-17-5Michal NeuvirthFrederik Andersen
Jan 20@OTTW 4-326-17-5Frederik AndersenCraig Anderson
Jan 22COLL 2-426-18-5Jonathan BernierFrederik Andersen
Jan 24@CHIW 3-2 (OT)27-18-5Frederik AndersenJeff Glass
Jan 25@DALW 4-128-18-5Curtis McElhinneyBen Bishop
Jan 31NYIW 5-029-18-5Frederik AndersenThomas Greiss
Feb 1@NYRW 4-030-18-5Curtis McElhinneyHenrik Lundqvist
Feb 3@BOSL 1-430-19-5Tuukka RaskFrederik Andersen
Feb 5ANAW 7-431-19-5Curtis McElhinneyRyan Miller
Feb 7NSHW 3-2 (SO)32-19-5Frederik AndersenPekka Rinne
Feb 10OTTW 6-333-19-5Frederik AndersenMike Condon
Feb 12TBW 4-334-19-5Frederik AndersenAndrei Vasilevskiy
Feb 14CLBW 6-335-19-5Frederik AndersenJoonas Korpisalo
Feb 17@PITL 3-535-20-5Matt MurrayFrederik Andersen
Feb 18@DETW 3-236-20-5Curtis McElhinneyPetr Mrazek
Feb 20FLAW 1-037-20-5Frederik AndersenRoberto Luongo
Feb 22NYIW 4-3 (SO)38-20-5Frederik AndersenJaroslav Halak
Feb 24BOSW 4-339-20-5Frederik AndersenTuukka Rask
Feb 26@TBL 3-4 (SO)39-20-6Andrei VasilevskiyFrederik Andersen
Feb 27@FLAL 2-3 (OT)39-20-7Roberto LuongoCurtis McElhinney
Mar 3@WASL 2-539-21-7Braden HoltbyFrederik Andersen
Mar 5@BUFL 3-539-22-7Chad JohnsonFrederik Andersen
Mar 10PITW 5-240-22-7Frederik AndersenTristan Jarry
Mar 14DALW 6-5 (SO)41-22-7Curtis McElhinneyKari Lehtonen
Mar 15@BUFW 5-242-22-7Curtis McElhinneyRobin Lehner
Mar 17MONW 4-043-22-7Curtis McElhinneyCharlie Lindgren
Mar 20@TBL 3-443-23-7Andrei VasilevskiyFrederik Andersen
Mar 22@NSHW 5-244-23-7Frederik AndersenPekka Rinne
Mar 24DETW 4-345-23-7Frederik AndersenJimmy Howard
Mar 26BUFL 2-345-24-7Chad JohnsonFrederik Andersen
Mar 28FLAW 4-346-24-7Frederik AndersenRoberto Luongo
Mar 30@NYIW 5-447-24-7Frederik AndersenChristopher Gibson
Mar 31WPGL 1-347-25-7Connor HellebuyckCurtis McElhinney
Apr 2BUFW 5-248-25-7Curtis McElhinneyChad Johnson
Apr 5@NJL 1-248-26-7Keith KinkaidFrederik Andersen
Apr 7MONW 4-249-26-7Frederik AndersenCarey Price
DateOPP.Result/TimeRecordWinning GoalieLosing Goalie
Apr 12@BOSL 1-50-1Tuukka RaskFrederik Andersen
Apr 14@BOSL 3-70-2Tuukka RaskCurtis McElhinney
Apr 16BOSW 4-21-2Frederik AndersenTuukka Rask
Apr 19BOSL 1-31-3Tuukka RaskFrederik Andersen
Apr 21@BOSW 4-32-3Frederik AndersenTuukka Rask
Apr 23BOSW 3-13-3Frederik AndersenTuukka Rask
Apr 25@BOSL 4-73-4Tuukka RaskFrederik Andersen
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