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Last updated: Tue, November 14, 2017, 22:33 EST
11/10Reid BoucherCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
11/10Thatcher DemkoGSent to minors, Utica-AHL
11/9Christopher TanevDPlaced on IR, Upper-body injury
11/7Reid BoucherCCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
11/6Brendan GaunceCCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
11/5Jayson MegnaCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
11/4Thatcher DemkoGCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
11/2Anton RodinRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/30Anton RodinRWCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/29Jayson MegnaCCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/27Michael ChaputCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/27Cole CasselsCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/26Brendan GaunceCSent to minors, Utica-AHL (conditioning)
10/25Thatcher DemkoGSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/23Troy StecherDPlaced on IR, Leg
10/23Patrick WierciochDCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/23Thatcher DemkoGCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/22John NegrinDSigned with European team, Lorenskog IK (Norway)
10/21Patrick WierciochDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/21Erik GudbransonDSuspension Over
10/20Patrick WierciochDCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/20Erik GudbransonDSuspended, One game by NHL for boarding
10/16Michael ChaputCCalled up from minors, from Utica-AHL
10/16Jonah GadjovichLWSigned, Three-year, entry-level contract
10/15Loui ErikssonLWPlaced on IR, Knee
10/13Alexander EdlerDPlaced on IR, Lower-body injury
10/7Ryan WhiteCReleased
10/7Adam PolasekDSigned with European team, HC Sochi (KHL-Russia)
10/4Cole CasselsCPlaced on IR, Arm
10/4Brendan GaunceCPlaced on IR, Shoulder
10/3Darren ArchibaldRWReleased
10/3Patrick WierciochDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/3Derrick PouliotDTraded from Penguins, for Andrey Pedan and 2018 4th-rd pick
10/3Olli JuoleviDAssigned to European Team, TPS Turku (Finland)
10/2Jayson MegnaCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/2Anton RodinRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/2Michael ChaputCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
10/2Andrey PedanDWaived
10/2Richard BachmanGSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/29Scottie UpshallRWReleased
9/29Philip HolmDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/29Nikolay GoldobinRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/27Joseph LaBateCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/27Reid BoucherCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/27Guillaume BriseboisDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/27Jalen ChatfieldDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/27Thatcher DemkoGSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/26Michael GarteigGReleased
9/23Jordan SubbanDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Evan McEnenyDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Aaron IrvingDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Alexis D'AoustRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Ashton SautnerDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Griffen MolinoCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Zack MacEwenCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Yan Pavel LaplanteLWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Michael CarconeRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/23Brett McKenzieCSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/22Jaime SifersDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/22Wacey HamiltonRWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/22Carter BancksLWSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/21MacKenze StewartDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/21Jakob StukelLWAssigned to Junior Club, Calgary-WHL
9/21Danny MoynihanLWReleased
9/21Anton CederholmDSent to minors, Utica-AHL
9/19Matt BrassardDAssigned to Junior Club, Oshawa-OHL
9/19Cole CandellaDAssigned to Junior Club, Hamilton-OHL
9/19Michael DiPietroGAssigned to Junior Club, Windsor-OHL
9/19Dylan PlouffeDAssigned to Junior Club, Vancouver-WHL
9/19Kole LindRWAssigned to Junior Club, Kelowna-WHL
9/19Zehao SunGInvited to Training Camp
9/19Jonah GadjovichLWAssigned to Junior Club, Owen Sound-AHL
9/11Aaron IrvingDInvited to Training Camp
9/8Scottie UpshallRWInvited to Training Camp
9/8Bo HorvatCRe-Signed, Six-year contract
9/7Jack SkilleRWSigned with European team, Dinamo Minsk (KHL-Russia)
9/1Thomas VanekLWSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
8/30John KurtzLWSigned with European team, Belfast (EIHL-United Kingdom)
8/29Ryan WhiteCInvited to Training Camp
8/14Pascal PelletierLWSigned with European team, GCK (Switzerland-B)
8/9Brendan GaunceCRe-Signed, Two-year contract
7/24Reid BoucherCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/17Michael ZalewskiLWSigned with European team, Straubing (DEL-Germany)
7/13Michael ChaputCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/12Evan McEnenyDRe-Signed, Two-year contract
7/7Joseph LabateCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/1Anders NilssonGSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
7/1Sam GagnerCSigned as Free Agent, Three-year contract
7/1Patrick WierciochDSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Anton RodinRWContract extended, One-year contract extension
7/1Borna RendulicRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Alexandre GrenierRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Jack SkilleRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Philip LarsenDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Michael ZalewskiLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Ryan MillerGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Joseph CramarossaCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Michael GarteigGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Tom NilssonDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Drew ShoreCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Chad BillinsDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Michael Del ZottoDSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
7/1Alexander BurmistrovCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
6/15Erik GudbransonDContract extended, One-year contract extension
5/30Drew ShoreCSigned with European team, ZSC Lions (Switzerland)
5/26Philip HolmDSigned as Free Agent, One-year, entry-level contract
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