2012 Olympic Games Opening: Your opening week primer

The long wait is over with the Olympic Games getting under way. (Getty Images)

The opening ceremony is Friday, and the games have already begun. With so much going on, we wanted to give you one place to keep track of all our Olympic coverage. Check back here for our complete coverage of the opening of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. 

  • Our own travel guide to the best and brightest London has to offer. "How you like your short little river now? You're so near-dead if you tried this tomorrow."
  • Count Carl Lewis among those doubting Usain Bolt. "(Yohan) Blake has beaten Bolt two years in a row now after the World Championships in 2011 and we don't know what Bolt's head is like when he loses."
  • The top 20 American Olympians of all time, including No. 1 who's competing in these games. "And what speaks so big of his career: what he does in London will only enhance his legacy, most likely. There's virtually no way he can do anything to downgrade his ranking on this list."
  • Kobe Bryant thinks the under-23 idea for basketball is "stupid." "In truth, nothing Bryant does willl ever make an impact because of the lasting legacy of the Dream Team. And despite Bryant's comments to the contrary, this team will never be judged the same way."
  • The U.S. is about to rock the less-known sports, including archery. "Ellison has now won 35 of his past 37 international matches, making him a clear gold-medal favorite ahead of a clutch of South Korean archers."
  • An in-depth examination of U.S. performance in the games over the past three decades. "First off, I gotta be honest. I had no idea we were so inept at javelin. You're telling me Aaron Rodgers can't huck a spear 90 meters right now? Let's get him out there and stop embarrassing ourselves."
  • Everything from the first day of the games and women's soccer. "As with fellow easy victors Brazil, it's too early to say Sweden are on their way to the podium, but you also can't discount the force with which they put their boot to their overmatched opponents' throat."
  • The U.S. flagbearer is the fencer Zagunis. "At 27, Zagunis has become one of the most dominant women in the history of individual fencing. In total, Zagunis has amassed 11 Olympic and World Championship medals, in addition to dozens more international medals for smaller events."
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