2018 Olympics: Ex-star Michigan football recruit a member of USA bobsled team

Remember Sam McGuffie? If you do, it's probably a memory of being crowded around a computer screen, watching now-grainy videos of him hurdling defensive backs in high school. McGuffie turned out to to be a bit of a MacGuffin for the Michigan Wolverines as he never quite aspired to the player he was supposed to be while in maize and blue.

He's now making his mark in another athletic realm, however, after joining the Team USA bobsled squad for next month's 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

McGuffie signed with Michigan football in 2008, and now, a decade later, he's furthering his career elsewhere. The Texas native transferred to Rice after his freshman year with Michigan, where he played the rest of his career. If you want a reminder of just what made McGuffie such a coveted name, here's a look at the video that made him famous.

That skill probably won't translate super well to bobsledding, but it's still a pretty awesome highlight all these years later -- especially since viral recruiting partially took on a life of its own after this video. McGuffie may not have had an amazing career, but he was certainly a trendsetter in his own right.

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